Special Offer Pre-Launch activities

Has anyone begun the pre-launch portion of their campaign? If you want to link to some of your social media posts or quotes you’ve been using, I’d love to see what’s been working (or hasn’t been) to bring your communities back in to engage with your membership business and Patreon page.

Has anyone gone the route of a “year in review?”


Yes, I did a year in review and created a document listing all my Things thus far.


@laurab - What a wonderful idea!!

I’ve used my template from 2016, 2017 and done an early one that I can use to help give an overview of what I do visually as well as spruik the special offer:

This is my working layout - I may tweak wording or change out some images before I put it on my social media


@laurab @Papertigress I featured my patrons! I did a write up with photos about three of them, and did a full video interview with one. I wanted my potential patrons to see the faces of who is already supporting me. And it made my patrons feel SO special and celebrated.

I am glad for the reminder of the year in review. I want to do that now!


Here is a write up example as I featured my current patrons this week as part of my pre-launch:

Here’s a shout out to one of my first patrons, Bill Funk!

Bill, you have believed in me since the very beginning. Your faith in me is being recognized as this week I prepare a special way to thank patrons just like you.

I’m making my public “thank you gift” announcement on September 17th!

Photo: Bill Funk You create such beautiful photography!


Thanks for the idea to do a year in review. That was fun to create!


Coool! What an awesomely creative idea! I love it @Papertigress!

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YES! So great - what a sweet shoutout, thank you for sharing @themillionkisses


Hadn’t Thought about that! Lucy Bellwood’s Annual Reviews for two years inspired me to do that earlier this year;2017PatreonProjects

I also made a graphic to show what their support meant to my finances: (felt both riskier and a relief!)

I love the VISUAL representations from the Visual Artists here, but what really catches my eye are the ???s about what will come next and who will be a part of it!

I am further intrigued by the individual shout-out and thank-you on the page that Emily Potter did. My question to you: Did you ask the people beforehand about their willingness to be thanked individually and publicly? And, did you do this through a Patreon Message or via email?

Thanks everyone!

Steve Eulberg