Special Offer Promotion Timeline

Hey! I joined in on the fun here a little over a week late, and as I’ve been reading through everything and getting myself ready I realized I may not actually launch my promotion during the recommended timeline. My one year anniversary of really launching my Patreon is October, so I’m considering waiting to launch the promotion on Oct 1st vs. leading up to it.

I’m not 100% decided either way, but I’m curious if there are others in this group who plan on launching anytime after the recommended week 3 (this upcoming week, I believe)?

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I’m actually staring down tomorrow’s launch date with a lot of panic myself, and was REALLY hoping to be able to push it to October 1 (after a big event I have this weekend) — but it kind of sounded like the “special offer” functionality would become unavailable again at the end of the month! Seconding your question and crossing all my fingers & toes that an October 1 launch will be possible.

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I launched today as I had the feeling it was 30th Sept the tier ceases to be available (there was no later option for dates in the setup).

Oh good question! I hadn’t considered this! Is this true @laurab?

same here. i need to push back my date as the product i’m offering is going to be available at a later date. i asked about the special offer functionality during the live stream 2 weeks ago and was told it won’t disappear but it will probably be in a different place on the site. hoping it is still the case.

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Okay good to know! I’m just not ready to launch and don’t want to rush then regret it.

Hey team! Adam here from Patreon. I was answering a lot of questions during the livestream. The answer to “will this still be available outside of this timeline” is that we’re not 100% sure. We plan on taking feedback on the functionality and guidance throughout this timeline and then incorporating that feedback into improvements to the product (and our guidance). You can certainly wait, but the product might look a lot different then; it’s hard to say exactly.

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Hi @CeeCee and @ginnydi - we will be publishing the feature again in the future - BUT once we wrap this version, the product team will be going back to the drawing board so to speak and making some tweaks. So, an Oct 1st release might be tough. You could definitely wait til the next round, BUT that might be a month or two out. Sorry if there was confusion around this during the livestream!

Heck :frowning: then I guess I’ll just run my own special offer minus the cool built-in features, because at this point I don’t think I could do it justice if I launched it this week. I’m sure I’ll still learn a lot from this workshop and from seeing other people do it, but I wish there was a little more flexibility on timeline. Fingers crossed that this functionality becomes widely available soon.


Thank you for the clarity @laurab and @adamf!

Yea I’m thinking the same thing! The feature to add the notice to tiers is nice, but not the most important piece.

Thanks, Ginny. I’d love to still hear how it’s going, and please keep participating in the forum! Our hope is that with the next version of this feature we’ll be able to release it more widely, with more flexibility.


@CeeCee and @Nikita Another thing to consider is that you can launch the special offer now, and not fulfill until later. I spoke with a creator last week who is running their special offer through the end of September, but won’t ship the goodies until December. Another thing that I thought was very good, was that this creator also set very clear expectations in their tier descriptions. Hope this helps!


I agree, some flexibility with the timeline would be great.