Special offer results!

Hey guys, I didn’t have time to run my special offer at the end of the program, but I finally did do it the first two weeks of April and the results were pretty great.

30% increase in pledges, up almost $ 1000 per month in pledges. I also converted a lot of people to my new $35 Tier, which has almost overwhelmed me. Can never underestimate how much some fans are willing to spend to support you. offer


Wow, congratulations @LazyGold! Thanks so much for sharing this success story, so many new pledges! You’re close to hitting your goal too :crossed_fingers:

Would you be up for sharing more about what you offered for your Special Offer, how you promoted it, and any learnings for next time? Would love to hear more about how you made this happen :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! As a creator I would also like to learn how did you do it, please share more details :sparkling_heart:

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I increased the price and value offered for all of my current tiers (early access from 7 to 3 days for content with the lowest tier going from $1 to $3).

My content and patreon page is focused on making in-game gold in World of Warcraft, so a very small niche, but my readers can pay for their subscription with gold if they do well, so I mostly have patrons that support me specifically to get access to my strategies. The special offer was a video describing my current approach to the game, and since the game changes the video will be out of date in a while so it’s perfect as a one-off reward and zero cost to distribute.

Mostly I just took the advise from the 4 weeks to your future patreon and used it.

I didn’t do too much promotion outside of scheduling daily twitter posts and adding it to the content on my web page. I think I actually underpromoted it if anything.

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This is so awesome @LazyGold!!! Congrats on the growth, I am SO STOKED that you had such amazing growth! Anything specific you did to promote that you felt like was particularly effective? I love learning from creators what worked well for them (or didn’t of course!).


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