Special offer with yearly subscriptions

In my opinion, the special offer idea would work well with offering yearly membership subscriptions. This way, one could offer more expensive physical goods like T-Shirts, mugs (…) and get the costs covered.

This would also be a good way to convert existing patrons to paying for a full year upfront.

Of course, a yearly payment option is currently not available. But here is hope that this will change in the not so distant future. I think, this would be great for everyone involved.


Hi there @chris1612! thank you so much for the suggestion, apologies this got missed over the holidays. I’ll pass this feedback onto the team as it ties in nicely with creators wanting patrons to be able to buy or gift yearly patreon membership too.


I would love this! Along with the ability to give 1-6 month subscriptions as gifts to influencers and to Patrons at certain milestones (number of months/years subscribed, amount contributed, etc.). If and when this feature has a trial run, please count me in.

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This would be very awesome! There is some merchandise I’d love to give to long-term patrons. It could also be an incentive for patrons to stick around.


Things like annual subscriptions, yearly payments, and gift subscriptions are certainly a good idea. When I look at other web sites in my case watercolour painting lessons, many of them do have the annual subscription as a choice.
As Chris1612 states it will certainly be a good way to ensure patrons stay with us for at least a year. A discount for this can be given as a new yearly membership tier. Paul :slight_smile:


That sounds good; I’d like to try it too.