Special Offers: Beta now OPEN!

It’s a big day at Patreon and big day for you because we’re really excited to announce a new tool, Special Offers, to help you dramatically grow your membership in a short period of time. With a Special Offer campaign, you can create momentum around your membership program, increase and engage your patron base and, encourage existing patrons to bump their patronage

Want to give it a try? Follow these steps.

  1. Check it out in the product! We’ve got a ton of resources and tips to help you plan and launch your Special Offer campaign.
  2. Download our Special Offers Handbook, our definitive guide to running a successful Special Offer campaign on Patreon.
  3. Join us for instructional livestreams where we walk you through everything you need to know to get started.

In September, we ran an alpha of this feature for creators to try in a private section of the forum while we worked out kinks before we released it to beta for everyone. You can see all their learnings and feedback here and we helped capture 3 leanings in these blogs:

Important note: at this time, this feature is not for per-post creators.


This is the most amazing addition, well done Patreon! One thing I will say to creators: DO NOT TAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS ON UNLESS YOU ARE 100% READY FOR IT.

I made the mistake of running a special offer for my new album…almost two years ago. Thanks to mental health issues, I have still not fulfilled my promises on that one and it’s been a HUGE strain on my mental state since then.

It’s an incredible thing to do, but also comes with massive pressures. Which is fine if you’re fine…but I wasn’t :wink:

Just wanted to throw that in there for anyone it may serve.

Thanks, Patreon, as always!!!



I love this feature! I got to participate in the beta test of this and it was pretty great! I’ve got my eye on doing another one! YAY!


Yes! This was very important for me to do in September–helped me focus and make great strides in increasing support, pledge numbers AND creativity!


This looks really useful and interesting…!

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This is so exciting!

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I was quite excited about this after attending the last Hangout but now I have finally had a chance to look at it I am really disappointed. I thought I would be able to set up a special offer say for those in my $10 & offer something special to them for a limited period if they wanted to up their pledge to say $20 for the duration. However it seems that s not how it works. I am already offering my $10 tier way more than other artists in my field so I see no benefit at all from this. I would also need to limit the no of people who could access the special offer to about 50 & with over 200 people in that $10 tier already & more in the next one up it would cost me a fortune.
Am now going to have to set this up as a fixed monthly tier & offer it as a new reward each month & therefore no special offers :frowning: Is there any way to limit the no of people who can claim the special offer?


Hi @LisaAnnWatins, thanks for the post! There’s not something currently that would track your $10 patrons who go up to $20, but if you ran a special offer at the $20 tier, anyone who signed up (whether they are new or current patrons) would get the benefit. You could definitely promote this specifically to your $10 patrons to try and encourage them to up their pledge, as well as promote it more widely to encourage new patrons to come in at a higher tier.

Are you feeling that your tiers are currently offering too much? There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing your tiers at all. There’s lots of good advice in the forum about that :slight_smile: Some creators change their tiers every 3-4 months to ensure they’re still delivering what they can manage and what their patrons want.

Ah, thanks for this feedback. Instead of it being a time based special offer, you would like it to be a quantity based offer. I’ve passed this on to the team.


Hi Mindy
I think the problem is that I cannot offer this as a time based tier because if people step up to say $20 for a month just to get hold of whatever limited edition product I am offering then they will not go back down to $10 the following month. This means that I have to view this as a permanent new $20 tier that I will need to fulfll every month. Hope you understand what I am saying.
I did not realise that the special offer was more of a ‘get extra for nothing’ this month in a current tier.
I have re-written my tiers & reduced some of what I offer in the lower ones but I need to add in a higher one anyway. And find more time to fulfill it!!! If you know of where I can clone myself please do advise :smiley:


Hi Lisa Ann, I’m a product manager on Pateon’s team, and I really really appreciate your feedback.
First of all, I love the idea of improving upon this feature by adding an option to make it availability-based rather than time-based.

The feature was built to help you either acquire new patrons, or encourage your existing patrons to pledge to a higher tier, or both. So you’re right, you do not need to create a brand new tier, but it’s helpful for us to know that this was not clear.

On a separate note, glad you’re thinking about revisiting your existing tiers, and benefits. Fine tuning them, and even reaching out to your community to understand what they’d be happy with, can help you find the perfect balance.



I very much agree that having the option to limit the patrons for an offer would be amazing. Sometimes we have limited products we can use for an offer but it’s not always reasonable to get more but just want to offer what we have left. Or to ensure that we have time to complete the rewards without filling our schedule for the next few months trying to finish things that might go better than expected. We need to be able to manage out time and ensure that we have control over how much gets piled on our plates for sure.


i have a question about the special offers that I have not been able to find info on. So you have options like a custom sticker or postcard. Is that something that Patreon handles for us and all we have to do is send the graphics. Or is that something I need to organize myself and find a company to fulfill those things?

I also agree about having an option to limit the special offer reward.

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Great question @Momo. At this time, there is no workflow tied to each of the options; they serve more to help with inspiration on what to offer. That being said, we’re definitely thinking about how to help with fulfillment in the future. Hope this clarifies that. Please, share any additional questions or feedback you may have.


That is exactly the point by the way. What you see as a problem is what makes this feature so great. You are likely to end up with a higher income in the long run, since either new patrons joined to get that special offer or people switched to a higher tier because of it and stay there.

No. The point of the special offer is that you fulfill that special offer ONCE. That’s what makes it a special offer, not a “tier perk”.


I think what is being said is that we may feel obligated to give more for folks paying more. They are paying more for less stuff and often, not realizing that that is the case. Lots of new folks to patreon don’t understand it and often times don’t seem to get notifications of notes or posts with info about needing to change after, so that they are paying for what they are actually getting after that special one time gift. Getting people to change tiers is one of the hardest things and some of us do deal with folks that feel upset about paying more when they didn’t have to, no matter how many times you might think you are making it clear. I avoid things that require separate temporary tiers for this reason if I can help it because it causes grief all around and more stuff to handle.

Just my 2 cents


It would be great to have more control over how the benefits tracker handles special offers. My special offer was specifically meant only for -new- patrons at the $5+ level but of course it’s starting to show anyone above $5 on my patreon as they start to process, which means more work for me to clear everything out. There’s no “remove” button or some kind of “mark as not needed” or some such thing. Only mark as complete, which is incorrect and misleading if i were to check back on this later.

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Thank you for this feedback! I’ve shared it with the team. This is why we so appreciate you joining this beta to help flush around areas we can improve on.

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Always happy to help :slight_smile:

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I really appreciate that Patron is super excited about its new features (!!!) but it’s disheartening not to be able to find out what the actual feature is. What did you build? How does it work?

  1. I clicked on your ‘Check It Out’ link, but since I’m a per thing creator, I don’t get any information on the feature.

  2. I read the Special Offers Handbook. Whoever wrote it had a lot of coffee, and I admit it does seem to contain some useful advice about what I should do to run a special offer… but all of that is me, not Patreon.

  3. On page 19 I did eventually find a tiny link to a support document that explains the feature. Yay! I think all it does is create a Benefit fulfilment todo, is that right?

Question. Why isn’t this open to per thing creators? Per-thing creators can have benefits, no?

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