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i registered for the Special Offers workshop and while reading the handout for week 1, i click on the link to register for the “Special Offers Community Forum” but it denies me access. see photo attached. i did a search within the community but couldn’t find any information. btw, i do have a registered community account.

can you please help?

thank you!

Hi @CeeCee, thank you so much for joining our Special Offers program :slight_smile: @laurab is running this and will be giving you all the info tomorrow in the livestream.

oh I’m in! ok, thank you. looking forward to tomorrow.

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I had the same problem. I’d love to get access to the worksheets

Hi everyone,

Is this the right place to be for the Special Offers workshop, Sept’18?

Thanks, Rachel

I have a feeling there is another location but I’ve not been able to find it myself yet either. If I do I shall come back and share it with you Rachel.


Hi @rachelfordlackey and @Papertigress! welcome to the forum :slight_smile: you can find all the Special Offer workshop stuff in the category #special-offers. Let me know if you need any more help with anything!

@mindy Thank you so very very much!

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You’re welcome! Feel free to @ me or send me a DM if there’s every anything else :slight_smile:

Your little upside down fox creature brings me joy every time I see it, @Papertigress.

Drawing and sharing a love of bats are one of my jams.
The icon is a “Little Red Flying Fox” - they are primarily nectivorous and an important pollinator :smile:


Here’s a quick link to the spot where @laurab shared the workbook: https://www.patreoncommunity.com/t/special-offer-handbook-in-other-formats/2824/4?u=carla

She may also be able to share other relevant links!

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