Special offers for engagement

I would love to reward with a special offer the loyalty and engagement of my Patrons

In my channel, there are contents that are maintained, and others that have a monthly duration, and withdrawal after the month, as if they were a magazine.

Some new patrons want access to old content, but I think that giving unlimited access is not giving an advantage to whoever keeps that subscription, in front of the newcomer who sometimes only wants the quick information, and goodbye.

Then, it has occurred to me …

Would there be any way to count and reward constancy? What is a real advantage to be subscribed to a channel in a constant way (and not with ups and downs) because there is a reward?

Not exactly something associated with raising a tier, or a new Patreonage, as I think I understand that they are the special offers for, but to constancy.

To award for being part of a community-special project in a constant and persevering way.

For example … I want to be able to offer, in a more or less automatic and controlled way, that, if someone has been in the channel for 6 months, they can freely access to one backward content, and it would be great if the platform counted that in an automatic way, I do not know if I explain myself …
Have you been subscribed for 6 months? Well, you have access to the prize. If you get it, your counter stays at zero, and within another 6 months you can re-access other backward content for free, if you’re interested.

Would it be possible?

If not … I would love to be able to make longer subscriptions. Semi-annual or annual (but with monthly payment, because I prefer monthly economic stability, it helps me to organize more than a punctual strong payment) to which I would directly award that benefit.

Both options I think would be great for me … how do you see?

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Hi @patdelavega! This is a great question, and it’s awesome that you want to reward your long-term patrons. We’re currently working on a more simple way to do this, but I wanted to ask when you launched on Patreon? The reason is - there is a feature called “Patron Manager,” which is an older version of the Patron Relationship Manager, that would let you download CSV docs of all your patrons for your full time on Patreon. You could then sort in excel or google sheets to find who has been around for a long time.

In Patron Relationship Manager, that list lasts for 3 months, so you could offer something every 3 months, but longer than that isn’t currently tracked. (This is what we’re working on updating!)

Thank you for your feedback, it is really helpful to hear and I hope we can find a more simple solution for you soon!

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