Special Offers: Ultimate Guide ⚡️

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Special Offers! This thread aims to be a resource to help you understand what a Special Offer is, why you should run one, and then how to set one up, including worksheets and video tutorials. Plus, you can ask questions and get answers from creators who have run them before, as well as read case studies in other parts of this forum.

What is a Special Offer? :zap:

A Special Offer is a limited-time benefit that you give to new patrons in return for signing up, and/or to existing patrons who upgrade, during a specific period of time. Time limits add a sense of urgency that helps fans convert to patrons and encourages existing patrons to bump up their patronage. What you choose as your Special Offer is entirely up to you, but we’ve shared some suggestions here, and we’ll point you to more resources to help you brainstorm.

Why should I launch a Special Offer?
Creators using Special Offers see a 200% increase in new pledges on average, compared to the previous month!

How do I launch a Special Offer?
We have a complete handbook to help you with every step of launching a Special Offer! Here is some more info, taken directly from the handbook.

How long does it take?
We recommend choosing a 3-week time period for your Special Offer. In the first week, you’ll plan and prep the campaign. In the remaining two weeks, you’ll run and promote your offer. During that time, you’ll promote it more often than you might normally talk about your Patreon membership. Since the special thing is only available for a limited time, it gives you a reason to keep reminding your audience that the deadline is coming.

When is the best time to do one?
Timing your Special Offer with an upcoming milestone (like an album release, book launch, Patreon Anniversary, etc) creates more excitement. If you don’t have a specific milestone coming up, you can time your campaign with anything that resonates with your audience, like an annual convention, conference, or a holiday. Launch your campaign on a day when your patrons will be paying attention. Do you usually release content on Tuesdays? Launch on Tuesday! Are your fans always online Wednesdays at 3pm? Launch away! You know what’s right for you and your community — pick your ideal day of the week to launch — and put it on your calendar.

Further Resources :books:


Hey Mindy, does anyone have any advice on how existing Patrons feel about running a special offer for new Patrons? I don’t want to hack off my existing Patrons.

I believe existing ones would feel disappointed if they don’t get the same benefits paying as much.
Creating a temporary new tier for the special offer in order to encourage current patrons to increase their pledge might be a solution to avoid it. However, I’m not sure what would be the best practice regarding that temporary tier and their patrons when the special offer is over… They might remain and therefore keep paying for it even though the special offer is no longer running.