Spoiler Tags/Formatting?

So can we have some formatting that lets us hide spoilers unless people click on them to unveil them? Livejournal had something for that and it made it very handy for posting stuff that you didn’t want people to see unless they clicked on it purposely. :slight_smile:


I love this idea. I see they have it here, and I can only imagine that the Patreon Dev team has new formatting options coming in the near future for all post related things, at least for the creators to start. For us, we release content that includes many pictures, and this feature would be a huge deal :slight_smile:

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Since 2015, I’ve always hoped they would eventually add a spoiler tag, but alas.

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Thanks for bumping this thread @Lawina, and welcome to the forum! I’ve made a record of this request and will share it with the product team.

@haikujaguar @teamradious @Lawina what kind of things are you wanting to hide as spoilers? Would this be something for your patrons only to see? I’d love to hear more about what you’re looking to achieve with this.