Squarespace Integration

One of the big pain points for Patreon is onboarding new patrons from other platforms. My whole strategy for attracting fans involves my multi-pronged social media posts all funneling back to a single brand website where all my content lives. The only exception to this is Patreon. I need for fork my traffic over to Patreon on a regular basis to get the majority of my new patrons. Beyond that, my patrons need to visit both my brand site and my Patreon page to see the whole offering. Ultimately, it’s less than ideal for both of us.

If I could allow Patreon users access to content inline on my Squarespace site (www.angelarium.net), I feel like the experience for both me and my fans would improve dramatically. They would have a one stop shop for the entire project and it would serve to advertise the benefits for would-be patrons.

I think Squarespace would be a great starting point if there is any effort to create a Patreon API. Other Squarespace service partners like Google mail and Shipstation have picked up my business as a result of Squarespace integration, so beyond any usability improvements, I could see it as a big win for Patreon overall.

I figure it’s a long shot, but hey, this is my dream feature!


We have definitely wished for this feature, as well. It would be great to connect Patreon to our squarespace site as well. Having a way to integrate a Patreon feed that still has the same filtering as patreon (different posts for different levels, etc) would be amazing.


Thirded! I’m coming up against this right now in setting up my first promotional sale at my Squarespace site. Right now, I’m just providing my patrons a link and a discount code. Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


I feel like a really great start would be embeddable Patreon things. Like
with bandcamp, soundcloud, etc. Then it could be used across many
platforms, while simplifying the process of becoming a patron. :slight_smile:


We’re looking for the same service. We have a paywall hiding some premium content and so far we just manually go in and upgrade any patron who signs up for the free trial. But it would be really nice to have a Patreon API like WordPress that allows patrons to “login” with their Patreon account to our website (The Uma Vault) without creating a separate account. We’ve been in contact with SS with no luck. We really don’t want to have to go build a whole new website on Wordpress just to solve this issue.

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Has this been resolved in any way over the years?