Start date & lifetime pledges don't add up!

This has happened a number of times where a patrons start date will be in the last month, but their lifetime pledge is way more than just one or two charges. My best guess is that this patron was a member, cancelled, and then rejoined. Somehow the previous pledge information is stored, but I have no idea when they were last pledging. This is more a matter of manners, as I would rather not send a welcome email to someone who’s been here before, implying that I don’t remember their membership. Even if that’s true, it’s little details like that that make people feel most connected and loyal to you as a creator.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is my theory correct? It would be great then if patreon included somewhere information regarding when they pledged in the past and for how long.


If someone cancelled then rejoined, you would be notified that they rejoined, as the system doesn’t “remember” them but registers that as a brand new pledge. It’s possible that this person first pledged a higher amount, then decreased their pledge, but I think you’d be notified of that too (?). I don’t understand the discrepancy in the example you posted, but for me when that happens it’s always a case of the patron being charged upfront when they pledge, then charged again at the beginning of the next month. So their first month is double-charged.

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thanks for weighing in! I think you’re absolutely right, it would be nice if the system did remember them though!