Stegostamp patreon page is now live

Once again calling out to content creators who are tired of people leaking their content onto pirate sites, we’re seeking testers to help us finalize the product and service. The plugin works. It’s catching thieves. Give it a shot, slots are limited for now.


Woohoo! I’ve pledged what I can for now. :>

how Can I contact that guy? I cant send a msg

Click on “jbernal” in the first post and it will take you to their profile and it has a message option. or you can @ him in this thread. @jbernal

I’m here, I see the messages.

Stegostamp is presently not available for anyone but myself. I’ve tried to get people on the bandwagon to help support its further development but all I hear is crickets. People seem content to be pirated into oblivion.

I’m sorry to hear that :confused:

If I wasn’t stuck in a dang plateau here on patreon and actually had some growth, I’d be using it for sure. I really liked it when I used it before, just not something I need for someone who’s got 30 patrons and most of them I know.

If someone pledged to the patreon page, would they still be able to get access to it or is it just forever paused right now? (curious in case I find folks to send over there or if I want to use it in the future.)

Well one of the great things it does is prevents asshat sites like yiff party from scraping the content. They can still get the thumbnails/previews but not the actual content. And then if someone leaks the content, you can find out and ban them.

If someone pledges to the page, they can help out financially (I’ve spent tens of thousands of my own pocket money) but for now it will take some time before I can invest in upgrading the code to a service-based thing. It will also require its own standalone webserver which has its own associated costs.

That is definitely a perk. It might be something to do, to advertise that in the threads here about yiff party if you haven’t already. (I don’t recall but there are also many threads) and you might get some support for it!

Ah okay, so if someone pledges to the $10 tier to get access to stego, they wont actually be able to use it right now? (It still says you get access on the tier so i was curious.) And yeah, for sure, it’s not an easy thing to run and keep running if you aren’t getting the support for it.