Stop flagging my stuff please

Why am I being targeted by these few select people who keep flagging my post until they removed them, I am not advertising things, I am not trying to receive peoples money, (I do not want your money for my art and postings), and it’s not fair or fun when all my art work I work on is getting taken down because of someone harassing me over my art posts. I joined this community to help me build a platform of study and fun. I didn’t do this to be walked on and shut down and criticized to the point where I wanna quit. I don’t know how to beat this, but It really isn’t fair to me.

I’m sorry that’s happening. Do you have any links/screenshots of posts or emails of this taking place? Staff here might be better able to assist with more information.

Are they posts here on the patreon community? I’m having a hard time understanding what you are talking about.

yes, but im not posting stuff ever again. im over it.

Well I just looked at your page and I honestly have no idea what you’re about or you’re offering, so that might be some of the problem?


Hey @NAOS_NARUTO, I’m terribly sorry your posts have been flagged and need to be reviewed. I sent you a PM a little while ago! Would love to chat. :slight_smile:

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i just want to study, and create art in a way to challenge myself in learning about astronomy. and while i study, show the world what we can do and maybe inspire people to just go for their dreams no matter how they make their dreams happen.