Strange tiers showing up on page--special offer bug?

I noticed this morning that when I am logged out and look at my posts, the patreon site is showing a $0 tier on my page like this:

This reminded me that I saw something similar last week that I meant to point out but forgot, a .01 tier that was showing up when I was in the editing mode. It showed as “unpublished” and is now completely vanished.

Could this be a bug caused by the “special offers” feature we are all using? Anyone else seeing these things?


Thanks for the bug report! I don’t think it’s related to Special Offers, but the team are taking a look into this. I’ll keep you posted as they investigate.

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I noticed something similar earlier but assumed, as it was unpublished, it was something I’d accidentally done - I’ve occassionally made an unpublished tier to come back to edit later.

A current issue with the site: Since yesterday I’ve not been able to see the Special Offer icon either. I’ve tried both mobile: app and browser, and my laptop.

I don’t know how many hours are actually left in my offer because I can’t remember if I had the option of AEST or if it was EST or UST timezone only when I set up the system.

When I go to benefits it had this:

I’m going to run it until 00:00 UST since there doesn’t actually seem to be any Special Offer infrastructure on the Patreon page to switch it off (or even show it existed).

Has anyone else had this issue?


hi @Papertigress! So sorry for the confusion. The special offer was set to turn off on the 30th automatically, and it ended mid-day rather than at midnight (we’re revising this!). I hope you were able to promote through it and all of the new pledges you received will be in your benefit tracker for that tier regardless.

Hi @laurab -

Thank you for your patience on a reply, I have been busy with a couple of other projects and so not active here in the community forum.

I only had one new pledge and one upgrade, so I can track it myself. However the special offer benefit did NOT register for those two individuals. The special offer reward shows as not attached to any tiers in my benefits manager.

I can get you a screen grab if that would help clarify.