Streamlabs integration is broken

Hi, the integration with Patreon for Streamlabs doesn’t currently work. Alerts do not send reliably, and events are not chronologically ordered.

Streamlabs is a huge aspect of promoting my Patreon. I’d really like to have this working if possible. I believe this may be because the API is not currently being maintained. Hopefully this issue can be fixed sooner than later.


Glad someone else said it, I thought I was doing something wrong on my end. I’m feeling pretty worried that Patreon has abandoned the API, seems a lot of integrations might suffer because of this. Hope we hear some good news from Patreon about this!

Well to be fair, Patreon does explicitly say that they are no longer maintaining the API on their API documentation website.

I mean, yes, but isn’t that going to lead to a breakdown of the functionality of it as time passes? I saw them announce it just a few days ago. Seems like an unfortunate turn of events for integrations across the board

Oh, yeah absolutely I don’t disagree with you. An API is the foundation of an entire platform’s success, so how or why they would let that fall into disrepair is beyond me.

I’m just reporting the issues though, I can’t change anything myself.