Stripe Customer ID. Where is it?

I’ve been on Patreon for almost a year and am thankful to have gotten started here. Patreon doesn’t have the functions I need from an on demand library to a just having folks register into my virtual fitness sessions. I am not mad, just need to move in a better direction. I have put a Help ticket in to get my patron’s STRIPE Customer ID’s and have been left hanging. I would like to have a smooth of a migration over of my 31 members to my new website. How do I get access to my STRIPE customer ID’s?

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Hey Vysh, I might be wrong, but I don’t think they’re going to provide that information.

I don’t know in details how they’re processing the payments underneath (Stripe vs Paypal vs other gateways), but I’d expect that if any of those 31 patrons used Paypal, then there may not be a Stripe customer for them at all.

And even if all of them used credit cards, and Patreon processes them through Stripe, they might need to ask Stripe to migrate them to your account as the customer id is unique for their account (unless there is a way to use Patreon with Stripe Connect, but I haven’t seen that option).

I hope to be wrong, but my best guess would be that you should plan to not have that information and ask your current members to resubscribe, or add to your new platform some integration with Patreon to support them to login and access your content there while still paying you on Patreon (and have new members go through the new platform only).

Thanks so much for that info! I did get some feedback directly from Patreon and this is what they stated:

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