Stripe vs. Paypal payments

Looking at my monthly processing fees, I’m curious if anyone has worked out the difference (in dollars & cents) between collecting your monthly payment via PayPal vs. via Stripe.
I already use both systems in different places, so signing up or ease of use isn’t the issue, I’m looking for cold, hard numbers. Which is cheaper?

( As an aside, I love PayPal and am using it more and more in daily life in so many places. It’s definitely simple use with Patreon. Stripe isn’t bad either, but it’s really only a clearinghouse for credit card transactions from my regular website. )

In the Patreon Help section it’s clear that Paypal takes 1%, but there’s no real data regarding Stripe percentages. Anyone?

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I would like to know the difference between withdrawing money with Paypal and Payoneer O: being a non-US resident.


If I withdraw $3000 on Patreon. How much would Payoneer charge me from these $3000? And how much Paypal would charge me from these $3000?

See the bottom of this one:

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@ammulder beat me to it! that help article has the info, LMK if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

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I always go for Stripe, I usually wait until I have at least $1000 ready to withdraw and I know it will only cost 25 cents to use Stripe.


I don’t understand how withdrawal with payoneer works, that’s why i’m asking.

If i have a patreon balance of $3000, does these $3000 go intact to my Payoneer account, and when i transfer my payoneer balance to my bank it charges me the $3?

Or if if withdraw the $3000 patreon balance to Payoneer, I would be receiving $2997 on my Payoneer balance?

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This is the information I needed. The Help Article was a little vague (or maybe just too good to be true lol). I wasn’t sure if the charge was that simple $0.25, what deal!

I will switch to Stripe ASAP.



Mindy/Patreon, Why is Stripe not available outside the US? Will that change in the future? I am from the UK, resident in Portugal, and use Payoneer as the cheapest option vs PayPal, but I’d far prefer to use Stripe.


Really? So Stripe only charges $0.25 on any withdrawal? I’ve been paying PayPal $20 for every withdrawal so far.


I’d love to know as well. PayPal is convenient but expensive if you’re outside the US. I don’t use Payoneer as changing bank accounts with them is nigh impossible.

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Hi there! I checked with our payments team and got some info for you.

Stripe is an ACH payment and the cost is 0.25 per deposit. ACH is a US domestic method of paying so that is why we can not offer it to International creators. ACH is essentially the protocol US banks use to send money to each other.

Yes, for Payoneer, this is the correct statement. Payoneer will charge you an FX fee on top of the $3.00 if you want it in another currency.

I’d still like to see Stripe come to non US creators. It’s the number one payment method on my SquareSpace website, and don’t really see why we can’t use it to withdraw from our account, even if you can’t financially offer it to patrons.

I’d also like to see more payment options for patrons, including Apple Pay and others. Please look at payments again.


Thank you, just finished testing Payoneer, it works better than paypal for a south american country.

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Well, we are a European company but we have bank accounts in several countries, including the USA. We would l o v e to shift to Stripe if possible :slight_smile:

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Hi Mindy,

I got an email today about Payoneer being possibly better to save money than Paypal payouts. I currently use PayPal and have just set up a Payoneer account but want to ask you first before I change it up. I’m in the UK so I don’t know (and am awful with numbers, I’m dyslexic) if Payoneer will indeed be better for me for my payouts, are you able to help me out? I currently earn $755 on patreon and from some things i managed to find online it said that for large amounts like that Payoneer is indeed cheaper for transfers than Paypal? I look forward to your response!

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Hey @artbyemilyhare I’m going to send you a DM as it’s about your finances and don’t want to share all the math here. Sending now!

Hope you got this sorted out Emily.

For those who are wondering what the answer was…

I am in the UK, formerly in Portugal, and switched from PayPal to Payoneer after a few months. It works smoothly, and economically for me. I send the funds to Payoneer, and they’re there within an hour, then I can transfer them out to the bank account of my choice (I had a Portuguese and UK one). You can even transfer out in other currencies now, thanks to some changes at Payoneer.

Another benefit is the Payoneer debit card (I have one), so the moment the funds are in my Payoneer account, I can use them to cover overheads bills etc online or to spend in stores, or draw cash from a cashpoint/multibanco. Again, very handy.

Hope this info is helpful to someone.


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