Subscribing without a credit card

Hello Patreon Community,

Today I have received two messages from people who want to sign up to my Patreon but can’t as they can’t use their Paypal balance but must have a credit card, which they don’t.

Is there a way to subscribe to Patreon without a credit card?

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They can pay with PayPal as well, but they would need to have their account connected to a bank account or card—anything where PayPal could withdraw money from when required.
The reason being that Patreon is a subscription service. It’s not enough to have a balance which might cover the first month and then every month that follows the payments could potentially fail.

I know they can pay with a credit card through Paypal. The question was whether it is possible without a credit card and from what you’re saying I guess that the answer is no.

Personally I find this problematic, especially in 2020 when Paypal is becoming a more important part of people’s e-economy. If a person don’t have money on their Paypal balance shouldn’t be different than not having money on their bank accounts. Maybe I’m missing something… if someone could clarify on this that would be much obliged.

They still have to have a -bank account- or credit card attached to a paypal account as a -backup- incase they dont have enough money in the account when they pay for something but they are fully capable of putting money in thier balance from a bank account and paying with that instead of a card.

I do this every month when paying my creators. It comes out of my paypal balance.

Hey @Michel,

We currently accept payments via PayPal and the following cards:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • 3DS

Unfortunately, we do not accept prepaid cards or other payment services (like Venmo, CashApp, ect.). You can read more about this here.

That is not what I was saying.

So I’ve now understood that one needs to have a bank account connected to Paypal in order to subscribe without the use of a debit or credit card. Thanks for the help. Seems to work for my new happy subscribers.

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