Subscriptions Give-aways?

I was wondering if there is a way to give away free accounts? I have tons of friends whose precense in my community would be appreciated by both me and the paying subscribers. I don’t want to charge them for it though… on the contrary I’d like to actually pay them to stick around and create content/value for my site.

I am sure I’m not the only one who’d like to give some free subscriptions to friends etc.


It’s definitely a popularly requested feature:


I’d love this in a temporary format, like a cookie that allows access for the time period the creator sets. I have so many people that I think would sign up after they see what I offer and have tried it for a month.


I would love this as well, PLEASE add this feature!!!

Hi @Michel thanks for reaching out. Gifting is is on our radar but we don’t have any info or plans to share just yet.

I’ve seen some creators have friends/creators pledge to their Patreon then refund them. I know that isn’t ideal, but it’s a work around that works for a few creators now. We’ll be sure to share more about this when we have more!


I would love this feature! Would be great for giveaways on my IG account

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