Subscriptions Give-aways?

I was wondering if there is a way to give away free accounts? I have tons of friends whose precense in my community would be appreciated by both me and the paying subscribers. I don’t want to charge them for it though… on the contrary I’d like to actually pay them to stick around and create content/value for my site.

I am sure I’m not the only one who’d like to give some free subscriptions to friends etc.


It’s definitely a popularly requested feature:


I’d love this in a temporary format, like a cookie that allows access for the time period the creator sets. I have so many people that I think would sign up after they see what I offer and have tried it for a month.


I would love this as well, PLEASE add this feature!!!

Hi @Michel thanks for reaching out. Gifting is is on our radar but we don’t have any info or plans to share just yet.

I’ve seen some creators have friends/creators pledge to their Patreon then refund them. I know that isn’t ideal, but it’s a work around that works for a few creators now. We’ll be sure to share more about this when we have more!


I would love this feature! Would be great for giveaways on my IG account

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I’m a total noob and can’t figure out how to make my own thread yet so I figured I’d reply to this one because my suggestion is similar:


I’d love for there to be a way to have digital (eventually physical maybe? that would be super cool) gift cards to Patreon. It wouldn’t even have to be for a specific creator (though this feature could be cool, too) - just a digital, emailed gift card (like amazon, etc does) that can be used as a payment method for any creator on Patreon!

I know the logistics might get a bit tricky in terms of taxes, etc, and the fact that all creators charge differently for different tiers. However, if it was written in a super simple format and maybe scripted based on who they’re applying it to, I think it could work! For example:

I buy a $20 Patreon gift card for my mom. I don’t have a creator in mind but I know she likes that sort of thing, so I feel like it’s a good gift. The gift card is automatically sent to her email. She gets a message telling her about Patreon (with the ability to apply the card to an existing account if she happens to have one), what it is, etc. It also mentions that different creators charge different things, and that the gift card will only cover $20 of pledges. (Maybe it even has her add a backup payment, OR if she doesn’t want to, it notifies her that she will not receive benefits if there are insufficient funds.) She then goes to Creator X’s page, who has a $5 tier. She selects her gift card as a payment source, some DIGITAL CODING MUMBO JUMBO THAT I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S POSSIBLE OR NOT happens, and a small box appears that says, “Hey! With calculated VAT, your gift card will be able to cover THREE MONTHS of this creator’s selected tier. Nice!” She can then add a backup payment to use when it runs out - or not!

I’m also imagining a slightly different scenario - I know a creator, Creator Y, that my mom would LOVE. I include their Patreon URL in my gift card order and the email generated to my mom automatically includes a small snippet of their profile or benefit lists, as well as a link to pledge to their profile specifically. Maybe these types of gift cards even only work for a specific creator!

I think no matter how the feature is designed, it would be really cool! It could also attract Patrons who don’t have or don’t like using debit cards/bank info! Thanks for reading! :sparkle:

Editing with one more thought: gift-card payments could be categorized differently on the benefit page so creators can message their gift card Patrons and be like “hey do you wanna stick around!” if they want or something like that :joy:


Hi @dollipop, thanks for adding your feedback! We don’t have any plans for gifting just yet, but we’ll definitely make a big announcement when we do. :slight_smile:

By far this is something that needs working on. It’d be great to offer a way for someone to gift a membership.

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