Suggest similar creators


I have been thinking of ways to bring visibility of my product to Patreons that are supporting a creator with a similar product as mine. Currently there is no a systematic way to do this, of course you could go to one of their post and post about your product but that is not by any means correct.

So I have been thinking what would be the benefit of another creator linking to my Patreon page and likewise I would have a link to his Patreon page. Would it be a fair relationship? Would it be cannibalism for one of the members?

Another way would be to Patreon add a suggestion section like: “Based on your xyz we think you may like abc” or something like that. Same questions apply, would that benefit some and hurt others?

Thanks for your input on this one.


I may be completely wrong … but I don’t see a service like Patreon as any kind of “competition”. While I second your doubts about “inviting” other creators’ patrons over to your channel, I would definitely welcome some kind of suggestion-system.
It has been said here that “you won’t find patrons on Patreon itself”, but in fact I wouldn’t know where else to look. I have no issues whatsoever with financially supporting people who can teach me something or just lighten up my day, but find it quite hard to find “just the right click”. What good for are computers if they can’t use my browsing habbits to suggest “this might just be the one you’re looking for”.
So far Google, Amazon and Cie are failing epically with their “big data” approach when suggesting products to me. They never, ever, land a hit - so, please, Patreon allow for some kind of cross linking.


One thing you can do is pledge to each other (even for just $1). That way you you’ll show in the “Supported by [creator name]” section of each other’s creator page which show up in the overview section (these are effectively links to each of your pages).

Hope this helps!