Suggested improvements to Relationship Manager?

If we cannot have loyalty/lifetime posts, then can we at least get a filter to, say, select the people with lifetime contributions between x and y amount?


At least let us show the entire patron list within Relationship Manager so we can just painfully check down the line of boxes without losing our selection between multiple pages?


These are very reasonable requests and things we do want to enable. We’re moving in this direction, and I’d love to hear more about exactly what you’re attempting to do with these posts… describe the ideal scenario so we can make sure we’re talking about the same thing. And I f you’ve shared this in other threads that I’ve missed, apologies… just point me in that direction so I can read up.

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The idea is two-fold.

I have a lot of problems with pirates, and I find that the majority of them are either new patrons or low-lifetime-contribution patrons. So, in order to weed them out, I need to be able to send separate dropbox links to trusted parties, and untrusted parties. Filtering out the untrusted from the list would make it much easier.
Also it would be nice to give something special and extra to the long-term patrons and encourage long-term patronage.
All of this could be combined if the new rewards tool was built into the normal patron list, and the normal patron list had sortability by lifetime contribution. I know you can set it to show people who subscribe from x to y amount per month, but none for total lifetime.
The relationship manager list would be awesome, if it could show the entire list and not page by page.
And the new reward page would be awesome, if it could show the info the other lists show, and maybe show checkmarked columns so you can still see a rewarded patron and what they have received, instead of just making them vanish from the list.
It’s like you have 3 sorta functional list systems each with great features, but none of them do what we all need them to do.