Suggested Promotion For Patreon As A Company :)

One piece of feedback I’ve gotten from my supporters is that if they already had a account because they supporting someone else, it was an easy decision to support me as well because it was a couple of clicks and done.

But for the people who were brand new to Patreon, having to create one more account with yet another website was just enough of a hurdle that it took a few pushes (promotions) from me to get them off their butt to jump onboard…

So it occurred to me that it might be cool if Patreon did a promotion where anyone who signed up for an account during a window of time automatically got $5 or $10 to spend toward supporting creators…

That way, creators could use that promo as a way to promote their Patreon pages: “And if you don’t have a Patreon account, now is a great time to sign-up because you’ll get…”

And in general it might get people who are curious about the site to finally create an account, which could lead to them being in a better position to support creators down the road.

Just a thought I wanted to share in case it might be helpful! :slight_smile:


It might be a stretch but I agree that running some sort of promo code “get credit towards your first/next pledge!” would do wonders. I think that would be a pretty big deal, but I also imagine that would probably be complicated. Food for thought!


Yep, I have NO idea what the technical side involves, but to my un-technical mind it sounded like a good promo for the site in general, and something current creators could use to try to convert followers into patrons! :slight_smile:

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That’s such a good idea. Not sure how it would be implemented or how they would pay for it though.


Yep, I have NO clue on the technical side. The budget would probably have to be allocated from a marketing budget of some kind? If they think it could help creators and the company, I hope they find a way to do something like this!


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What would prevent users from setting up multiple accounts and then supporting themselves with this initial credit?

I guess you could do that for as many PayPal accounts and credit cards as you have, but it seems like a lot of work to set up the accounts and then use the credit and then unsupport yourself before the next billing cycle.

In fact, I would think Patreon could easily watch for an unusual amount of new sign-ups who only support one person and then stop right away who all come from the same mailing address?

Thanks for the idea @BrianJamesFreeman! This is something the marketing team has wanted to do for a while, and we did actually test something very similar during SXSW to see how popular it was. No word on this yet, but I’ll let you know if we ever run this kind of promotion :slight_smile:


The rules I would want on this:

  • I offer the promos to entice new members from my own non-patron audience
  • I can choose to let them spend the promo amount on any Patreon creator/influencer they like
  • I can choose how much each promo is for
  • I can choose how many individual promos will be offered
  • I either pay for them in advance or get charged when they are redeemed, not Patreon
  • I can pay for them out of my Patreon earnings before the rest goes into my own bank account
  • I can also just use the standard means I have now to pay subscriptions

Yes, I know my list has alot of “me me me,” but if Patreon does what it does best as a facilitator and makes it possible for us to offer the promos instead of trying to offer them itself, that would be the best arrangement because they would be used by current account holders to encourage the people they are already talking to who are on the fence.

Also, my list isn’t exhaustive nor set in stone. I just typed what came to my mind. Anyone else want to take a shot at they would want/need?