Suggestion: Give "Save as Draft" and "Schedule" their own top level buttons

I would love to see “Save as Draft” and “Schedule” get their own buttons next to “Publish Now” instead of being hidden in a pull down. I know you probably don’t want to make the screen too busy, but I think this could be really helpful for us compulsive savers! :slight_smile:



thanks for the feedback @BrianJamesFreeman! I’ll make a note of it as part of my larger collection of how to improve post creation.

Thank you, @mindy! I know there’s always a million things to do and just as many requests. :slight_smile:

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yeah i would appreciate this because I hit publish on a post when I meant to save a draft (it was incomplete).


I second this feedback.
On my machine (Chrome browser, mac laptop) the majority of the drop down is cut off by the bottom of the screen. The option to scroll down only appears when the dropdown is active but I can’t down-key, and then the dropdown disappears when I click out of it to scroll down. I have the same issue with selecting which tier for the post but at least that one I can click-drag-highlight the first word and pull down to see the others.