Suggestion: Multi-Page Management for Creators

This is actually a multi-part suggestion.

I used to run two patreon pages, one for my Youtube animation studio, and one for my personal art. The Youtube patreon eventually was shut down and never really grew, despite having over 200k subs on YT.

One major suggestion I’ve had is the idea of making patreon pages separate from user accounts, allowing one account to have multiple patreon pages.

Think like how on Facebook one account can make multiple pages, or one user on Tumblr can make multiple blogs.

This would allow someone like myself, who does a lot of mixed content (both SFW and NSFW) to have separate pages for both my SFW and NSFW content without needing to sign out and sign in repeatedly. It’d’ve also allowed me to much more easily switch between my personal Patreon and my Youtube Patreon.

As another suggestion, this would also open up the door to allowing for more moderation-based roles for others. The ability to make other users moderators to your patreon page would be incredibly helpful, especially for Patreons that are more group oriented. Another thing that ultimately sank the studio patreon is I had to mostly run it solo, in addition to doing everything else within the studio. The studio itself was a group effort, and often had team members working to fulfill rewards as well. However, the layout meant that even if another team member was tackling a reward that month, I still have to be the one to act as a middleman, which took up my time. The detachment from the page also made it much harder for team members to assist with the Patreon, as the only way they could see inside would’ve been if they had pledged themselves.

The ability to add people to your page could come with a host of permissions and be based on email invite links. Permissions might include reading messages, making posts, editing / deleting posts, and managing patrons. You could also just give someone the ability to see content equivalent to a certain payment threshold as a ‘VIP’ role, if you wanted a friend to be able to view your page.

So, to recap, my suggestions:

-Allow creators to manage multiple patreon pages from one account
-Allow creators to assign other users special permissions to help moderate a Patreon page


I think this has been requested on another thread, but you do a great job of expanding the idea and really detailing it out. It could definitely use another mention. :slight_smile:

I have a sfw and a nsfw Patreon myself and not only would this make things so much easier to manage, the way you’ve extended it to include permissions would be helpful to allow my higher pledging nsfw patrons access to the sfw Patreon as well. I consider the nsfw Patreon a separate reward tier for the primary sfw Patreon, but they are separate accounts which makes it a bit complicated.


I can definitively get behind the ability to have multiple patreons to one account. It’d sure make it easy for us with varying content to manage different themed pages.


I feel like an extension here would naturally be “allowing other team-members to get a cut”, no?

Sorry for the necromancy, but I basically came here to talk about being a team on Patreon, and how that would work.


Yeah, I run a Patreon for an app, and I actually maintain three unrelated apps, so it would be nice to have one account “own” three Patreon campaigns.

I also have a “team” for each one. I don’t need to pay them out of Patreon, but I’d like them to be able to at least post to the feed for the project they’re on, and possibly message patrons as well.

Though adding both “multi-campaign” and “team/staff” does add complexity – I’d want a different “team” or “staff” for each campaign, and just my one account as the “creator”. It would be OK to do only one of these, but nice if the other was kept in mind so the implementation wouldn’t exclude both together. :slight_smile:


This has been a request from not only me but from several other teams too! Like all requests, this gets prioritized by the product team, but this is good to think about as we get into quarterly planning cycles and is good for me to push on this one again.