Suggestion: sticky posts

Would be awesome if we could get the ability to “sticky” a post to stay at the top of the list, either until it is “un-stickied” or set the sticky to expire at a certain date.


So much this! I don’t want to clutter up my already long front page description with links or extra content that just don’t fit there. Having a sticky post option would be so helpful, especially for those of us that run specific events, polls etc that really could use that extra boost of being seen. A big bonus would be being able to perhaps sticky one public post and one patron only post. That way those who aren’t patrons will see the public sticky that might contain more info/content to attract those who haven’t pledged and the patron only one would only show to patrons and it could be utilized in many ways.)

And expiry date would also be wonderful!

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I agree with all that’s been said so far. Would be fantastic to have because as you know, if you’re already a patron it takes you directly to the posts when you click a link to the Patreon page (as opposed to the front page with the about section and all that). If we’re running a month long event it would be great to not have to spam emails to keep info at the top or to not have to clutter up the about section which people don’t typically read through more than once and would miss the exciting events.

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This is an excellent idea. Has there been any activity toward this since November?

Pinned posts are a must. Every creator I know (including me) is already using some kind of workaround for this, most of us just put links to posts at the top of the overview page, but regular patrons go straight to the posts page so they miss the info.
It works great on twitter, I think it would work here as well.


I would love to use a pinned post as an ongoing editable table of contents of all my posts (an automatic TOC would be neat, but an editable pinned post would do.) Any action on this?


(Oh man, i just had to say these are GREAT idea’s for pinned post usage!!! I hope they enable this soon XD )

I don’t see any reaction to this important suggestion from anyone representing Patreon. Are they actually paying attention to every thread?

They are few and sometimes it’s best to @ them directly in a topic. They are only humans and can easily miss topics.


I do check every active thread daily! I may not comment, but if there’s something regarding product or a feature request, it immediately gets shared with the product team and the appropriate owner there.

We are actively hiring a full time community manager who can be even more active here, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


Wonderful to hear :smiley:

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