Suggestions for "Additional Details" field in Relationship Manager

Hello! I love the little notes section in the Relationship Manager, but I think it would be a million times more useful if it had these two features:

  • Searchability
    I run a Patron-exclusive private Instagram account, and a lot of people have different Instagram handles than their Patreon username. I like to list their Instagram handle in the “additional notes” section so that when I lose a Patron and need to remove them on Instagram, it’s easy to find them. Unfortunately, thanks to the notes field not being searchable, it’s impossible to do it the other way — if I need to find an Instagram user on Patreon, I can’t just search for their Instagram handle in the Relationship Manager. I’m sure people use that section for a million different things, but I think searchability would be helpful in a lot of different cases.

  • Display on Profiles & Patron Manager
    I would LOVE if the data from the Relationship Manager was also visible to me on a Patron’s profile page and on the Patron Manager. It seems silly that I can make a note on an account but only in ONE of the three places I can view that account do I see the note I made. (I have my questions about why the Patron Manager and the Relationship Manager are different sections at all, tbh.)

Any thoughts on this, from fellow creators or from Patreon? As my number of Patrons grows, it’s becoming less and less convenient to find the information I need on the site, and I imagine that will only get worse with more growth.


I agree, these features would be so great!