Suggestions For Functionality for Comics/Illustrators

hello, i’ve been on patreon for 3 years. i create comics and choose to be paid for every page i create. i have noticed that patreon’s feature set does not currently reflect the needs of mine and many of my peers. here are some features we would find useful as a suggestion:
-an onsite .pdf reader to make reading completed comics/newsletters easier for patrons on the website itself.
-photoset posts, so we can upload more than one image per image post
-a link box on the main patreon page that only donors can see that lists links or information.
-a running total of the amount of money made for monthly creators prior to the end of the month, preferably with and without fees removed so the amount made at the end is not a consistent surprise.
-the ability to create and save post templates for posts i make frequently

thank you for reading! i would like to hear from others in the illustrative/comics community who also look for similar features.


I really need photoset posts!


I would second these.

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