Suggestions Patreon Really Needs!

These are some suggestions I got that Patreon really needs.

Allow the creators to set an Expiration Date instead of Charge Up Front.

  • Basically, Expiration Date is a value that creators can set (min: 30 days to prevent abuse) that specifies how long a subscription lasts before the patron has to pay the thing again.
  • Patrons need to pay for the first time, just like Charge Up Front, but the point here is that, because it’s in this system, Patrons always get the same benefits for a set amount of time, no matter when they joined.

Another idea would be to add a thing so Creators can set multiple different Expiration Dates (maybe even having a particular discount if a Patron select a higher Expiration Date when they signed up) for the tier they want.

  • Having Multiple Expiration Dates allows the Patron to select from a variety of choices that they see would benefit them the most. (Or if there is just one option, Patrons don’t have to go through the option selection screen at all as that would be the only option they would have to pick).

Bad at English, and I’m not good at Literature, but I hope you understand the concept anyways.

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