Support Multiple Images + Galleries

Only support one photo feed is too less.


I’m not sure I follow siuwing’s point, but I would like improved image support. Specifically, I reuse a handful of images many times. Every time, I have to upload the image. I’d like to have a small library of frequently used images I could draw from - could be as small as 2-3. Surely that would use less Patreon storage, since I’d be linking to an existing image rather than uploading new copies over and over.


Hi @siuwing922, thanks for the post! We heard this feedback from creators and are excited to say that we are building image galleries at the moment :slight_smile: You can see a sneak peak at the designs that the team is working on and give feedback as part of our Open Studio program here: Open Studio #2: Image galleries in posts

@Metaphorosis that is a great idea! Thank you; I will pass that along to the product team as part of our biweekly feedback meeting.


I am a 3D image creator here on Patreon. I’ve been messaging Patreon for several months, possibly even years at this point, asking for a way to be able to select a gallery option to display my images, rather than the continuous scrolling function. I’ve had countless Patrons over my tenure with Patreon say in their exit surveys that they are leaving because they can’t stand the scrolling interface. I have had Patrons message and email me directly saying that the want a gallery option. I, myself want a gallery option because my art is not being displayed in the best possible format. I even had a photographer that shoots models similar to my content that I looked up to for years join my Patreon. I was beyond excited and really humbled to have him come aboard, only to have him leave a month later. He even reached out to me to say that the ONLY reason that he left was because of the scrolling interface. He hated it. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is? To have someone that I have looked up to and idolized for years leave after a month because of something that I have no control over? What a HUGE letdown. The problem is, so many Patrons think that it is my choice. That I am the one who wants to present it in this way, and nothing could be farther from the truth. I CAN’T stand it. I have even run a poll on my Patreon page and had an overwhelming response stating that the current Patreon interface is not acceptable for displaying art. I usually get about 8-10% of Patrons posting comments on my images. About 25% interact with other miscellaneous polls that I post, but this poll had about 75-90% of patrons responding, and it was a resounding “We want a gallery”. I emailed Patreon’s “help desk” about is some time ago, and the response I received was rather bewildering. To paraphrase, it basically said “That is the biggest thing that we get requests for, but we haven’t done anything about it.” If it’s the biggest thing that gets requested, why is nothing being done about it? I mean, this was over a year ago. In that time, the interface has changed slightly and different features have been added, but why is something like this neglected? I’m truly astonished by it. I’m not even just saying that to get my point across, but because it really puzzles me. Don’t you want to make money? I work very hard and take a great deal of time to create my images, and the fact that they are not being presented in the best possible light does a complete disservice to everything that I work for. I’ve sent several different feedback inquiries to Patreon about this, and I hate to be a broken record, but when you’re right, you’re right. It’s hardly even a matter of opinion really, it’s just an extremely bad decision on Patreon’s behalf. It’s probably the worst business decision since Red Lobster did their ‘all you can eat crab legs’ deal years ago, and lost their ass horribly.

Please, please, PLEASE, do something about this. I really have had such a great overall experience with Patreon in general, but this is enough to make me consider learning html, creating my own website and just doing everything myself. I really hope this is something that will be changed in the near future, because I am really losing patience. It’s been far too long for such a simple and basic idea to come to fruition.


Hi @martymartyr1, welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining and making the detailed post about this issue. We understand that uploading multiple images to a post on Patreon can be frustrating. You have to upload each file one by one, which takes up a ton of time and effort, and the viewing experience for your patrons is limited.

We want to provide a better way to show off your art and make your posting workflow as quick and painless as possible, which is why we’re excited to say that we are building image galleries at the moment! You can see a preview of the designs that the team is working on and give feedback as part of our Open Studio program here: Open Studio #2: Image galleries in posts Please do take a look at the in-depth info provided and give your feedback as it’s crucial at this stage of planning this feature for you.

Hello, thank you for the reply. I really do appreciate it. Although, I think there might be some slight confusion. For me, it doesn’t really matter if my images are posted in a mass upload of sorts, I only post one image at a time anyway. I do 3D rendering and that takes hours and hours for images to be created and rendered. I am strictly talking about the presentation of the images. For example, I do stories sometimes that will have 10, 20, or 50 images that are posted over the span of several weeks, if not months. I want to be able to add new images to an existing gallery so that when my Patrons click on the gallery, they can very everything that has ever been posted to that particular gallery. Basically, I want multiple pages that have folders in them rather than a continuous scroll. Kind of like how you would open a folder on your desktop and there would be multiple image thumbnails or other folders in there. Then when you click on the thumbnail, the image goes to the full resolution of the image, and not a smaller version (which is what happens now on Patreon) I know for a fact that my Patrons do not like to scroll down to see my older content. It takes to long to load, it looks kind of silly because it makes it look like a social media site like Instagram or Facebook or something, and to me (at least how I want to present my page), I don’t want it to look like or be reminded of Facebook whatsoever. Scrolling may be more modern than the traditional ‘pages’ format from yesteryear, but it is not a good presentation for artists. If you have the chance, take a look at to get a rough example of what I am talking about. I have taken a look at the link that you sent, and from what I have gathered, it doesn’t seem like what I am looking for is going to be incorporated. I will post on there to try to give some feedback, and although this is a step in the right direction, I feel like we might be talking about two completely different things. If I have misunderstood, then please let me know.

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Ahhh I do apologize @martymartyr1, I misunderstood you. Thank you for explaining further in greater detail! I understand now. This is more about how patrons view your content and it can be organized and managed. We understand that the infinite scroll is not ideal for all creators on Patreon. I will record this request and pass it to our product team to investigate further.

We’d certainly find a gallery option amazingly useful on our end of things. Being able to upload multiple images, line ups, or even just collect image posts together by tag would be great.

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Hi Mindy, I had a feeling it was a misunderstanding, and that’s okay. It happens. And yes, this is 100% about how my Patrons view my content and how it is organized. To me, that’s what this site is all about, the Patrons. I can view my content any way I want in my operating system, so it’s all about how the people I share with can see my work. I know of several other artists in my field who don’t even post to Patreon. They use different services to post the content to, then share links with their Patrons to those galleries that they posted to. This is not something that I want to do though. I believe that everything should be done right on the Patreon site. That just seems too tedious and time consuming to me. In general, I think that the entire interface needs an overhaul and should have more flexibility for us creators on how we present our work, but I’ll leave that for another day, because the gallery thing that I proposed is much more dire of an issue. Thank you for passing it on to the product team, I just hope that something can be done about this in a timely manner. I’ve been battling this for a very long time now, and it’s something that needs immediate attention. So, thank you for helping me get the ball rolling.
I posted a comment to the thread that you directed me to, but I did not receive a reply.


I too would love it if when people are patrons they can go to a page which shows ALL posts in a thumbnail page rather than the scrolling. If someone joins me they can see almost 2000 posts and you can be sure they won’t scroll back three years to do that, it makes it much harder for people to do. Only the truly focused do that but most don’t have the time. If you could have it in a layout where folks could click on thumbs instead of scrolling down that would be AMAZING. I’ve asked for this before and I know i’m not the only one.


Yes exactly, I’m very frustated as Creator because my patrons can’t have a good experience about seeing my contents… the patreon needs urgently an Update the way about how the contents are displayed, like, Grid as thumbnails / List

I’m losing many patrons because they can’t even watch the first tutorials posted…
I mean, what on earth they will scroll down forever to see my old posts?

look one of my Exit survey…
“its insane… i dont understand his platform … the categories are confusing and i dont want to waste trying to understand something that shouldn’t be hard to understand to begin with.”

really guys, I’m considering to build my own page and bring all my patrons out of your system because of this bad User experience…

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Well I’ve given up on getting this good search ability on here, it seems that it would be the first thing that would be sorted out as part of a well working website! It’s so frustrating. As you can see my comment about this was a year ago…

Patreon people, PLEASE PLEASE make a much easier search system and not just search via keywords, but a nice page of thumbnails, not scrolling through thousands of potential posts (as it would be for new visitors to my page).

Hi @JhonSSilva, I responded to your comments over on this thread here

@artbyemilyhare I’m sorry you’ve had such a frustrating experience! Have you implemented tags? Tags are a great way to organize different types of posts to help patrons easily navigate and search through your posts history. See more about tagging posts here.

@reyna yeah I use tags, and have done since they were implemented, but what i’m talking about is rather than someone having to scroll through a page, that they click on say, ‘march’ and they go to a nice clear page (with thumbnails and headings) of all the posts in that month. It would be SO much easier. For instance with tags, I tag something ‘watercolour’ when I post a painting and i only paint in watercolour… so if someone searches for that tag or clicks on that tag, they get HUNDREDS of posts with watercolour as a tag. There are only so many tags that one can make to make things searchable. For what I do, I need something different and I know i’m not the only one!

I am a patron of a few other people and I hate the scrolling, (I also don’t use their tags to find things as it isn’t how I want to search, just my preference obviously) i know it’s very ‘social media’ but for a creator who has thousands of posts (like i do because I have been a creator on patreon since early 2016) i feel it would be much better to have a thumbnail page rather than clicking on march and then having to scroll down for march posts. Like this:

So someone would see all the potential posts they could click on in a sheet of thumbnails like this, rather than scroll down. This to me would be preferable.

Totally hear you @artbyemilyhare, this would be a very convenient feature for patron of creators with hundreds or thousands of posts. Thanks for the visual example! I’ll take this feedback to the team to be considered for updates. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I think it would be absolutely amazing to have this feature.
BTW, are you encouraging people to have videos still, it seems with the new layout they have become less pushed as important things to have?