Suspicious Activity Hold and Special offers

Yes, I have emailed guidelines with no response yet. My funds have been put on hold for “suspicious activity” and it seems that this is happening to a lot of people who aren’t getting answers, see here:

I just started the special offer campaign, and I was feeling very hopeful about building my Patreon base and working with the advice from the Patreon team but now I just feel sick to my stomach. I need that money and answers. I’ve been on Patreon for years and I haven’t changed any of my banking info. What’s the deal? Should I stop my promo?


Still no one from Patreon has contacted me. This is really stressful for someone who depends on this revenue to survive. I think I figured it out, i was giving away one of my paintings every month and I used a random number generator to pick who got one. I thought that was being fair but I did some research and found out it was against the rules of Patreon. I didn’t realize this when I started doing it. I stopped and notified all my patrons that I can no longer do it and that I will find a way to provide them with more benefits. I deleted all the posts that mentioned it and posted that i can’t do it anymore. I just don’t understand why no one from the Patreon Team has bothered to contact me. I feel so alone on this forum. I was simply trying to give my art to the people who love it. If anyone knows of a way I can do this while following the rules, please let me know.

And Patreon, please, please release my funds.

Hi @amy, thank you for making this post and for emailing, you should hear back from someone very soon. The T+S team currently have an SLA to reply to everyone within 48 hours to help with your account and answer your questions. Please let me know if it’s been longer than that so I can flag your account with the team. I’m so sorry you’re feeling alone and frustrated with this process, we’re here to help you and you can DM me at any time to ensure we get this sorted.

Ok Mindy, thanks for responding.

The team just confirmed you’re unfrozen, @amy! Please check and let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.


Omg Mindy, THANK YOU. :pray: :heart:️:art:

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you’re so welcome! happy to help :slight_smile:

Hello! I have recently opened my patreon and today is the first time that I find where you see your total balance and where it gives you the option of manual transfer or transfer on the 5th every month, I am very new and I still do not understand the correct knowledge, but I saw a message that you have found suspicious activity in my account and that my money was blocked … I don’t know what could be happening, I just opened a patreon and put it on my networks so that people would be interested in my content, what has passed? And how do you Solved? Thanks in advance!

Have you submitted a support request? That’s the first step. See this page:

Then click the link at the bottom of the article to submit a help request.

Ya está resuelto! Gracias!!

El El vie, 11 sept 2020 a las 13:47, Michael Loucks via Patreon Community <> escribió:

Hey Patreon Why Are You Holding Payout Again Its Already Been 5 days And You Are Again saying It’s on Hold . It’s not fair you should have told me first that yoh are gona hold my payout .I will leave your platform …