Tag Feedback for Patreon

Just a quick suggestion. I think the tags feature on posts is really handy. However, whenever I start a new post, I forget which tags I’ve used, and also how they are formatted (e.g. are they capitalised - tags with different formatting seem to exist separately). It would therefore be handy to have a sort of autocomplete function of all tags used. Is that possible?


I second this. It’s available on the app, but when I use Chrome on my desktop, there’s no autocomplete.

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Ah, I didn’t know the app did this. I don’t use it much, as I prefer the desktop for most things.

This would be such a great win!

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Please, please, please. This has been mentioned before and it’s so much needed!


This would be pretty useful. I keep forgetting if I use animation or animated as a tag and half the times I have to go and change it because I was wrong.

I was actually thinking this exact same thing the other day. I always end up having to open another tab with my old posts just to make sure I tag them consistently, heh


Every time.

A like and a “me too” from me, I do not (or cannot, whatever you prefer) use the app and constantly need to check. Perhaps a “suggested tags” could also exist that would suggest tags based on the content of your post?

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Count me as another “me too”! I think this all the time.

Would anyone else like Tags to be ordered on their creator posts page?

I have been asking Patreon for this for about a year now, with no response. I cannot imagine any advantage to having tags in a jumbled, random mess on a creator’s Posts page.

If there are more than a handful of tags on a page, it makes them unmanageable and basically useless for navigating posts.

It’s a simple fix. Fix it, please?

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They are ordered, by the number of posts assigned to the tag. I’d prefer the tags to remain this way, since it always pushes those with the most posts to the top.

Autocomplete for tags is long overdue. We also need more featured tags (5 is NOT enough), and please bring back the images, they were much more eye-catching than these weird blurry backgrounds.

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We really need an increase to the amount of tags we’re allowed to use. Five tags is seriously not cutting it since I enjoy tagging characters and other things like medium since I work in multiple fields so the minute a picture has more than one character in it I’m unable to tag properly.

At the least I’m hoping maybe for the limit to be increased to 10 tags. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would benefit from an increase in the amount of tags we are allowed to use.

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We keep an eye on the requests here - there’s been a ton of feedback about tags. I’m sharing this with the product owner so they can take a look at the feedback.

Thank you for the heads up on this. In several other cases you’ve been good about getting back to us and letting us know you’re reporting to various teams, we just didn’t have that here… and it had been 5 months.

Quick update! My team is working on a tag autocomplete right now - they’re just putting the finishing touches on it! Should be out soon. (And no, it won’t be case sensitive)

Thanks for the feedback around number of tags. That’s the first I’ve heard of the need for more, but I’ll keep my ears out for other feedback around this area.


Yay! Thanks, @erin. :smile: I never can remember if I’ve capitalized something or not. Will it fix the tags we have now that are same word, different case?

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I don’t see why we can’t choose how the tags are ordered? Better yet, let the user select how the tags are ordered. Alphabetical, by number of posts, by last use, etc.