Tagging Updates

I believe the tagging system needs an update. At bare minimum it could do with an increase in the amount of tags from 5 to 10.

Beyond that possibly a categorizing system would be great. I submit content from a variety of mediums so I tag all of my posts with 2D, 3D, News, etc as it is necessary to keep them all nicely grouped together. But I feel tags like that would be better as a sort of category system for further sorting. Of course maybe the category system would be redundant with the tag system already existing.

Even so an increase to the amount of tags would be greatly useful. I try to use a variety of tags to make it easy for my patrons to browse through my content to see exactly what they want to be seeing but with the limitation of 5 a lot of my larger scale posts end up missing required tags for my organizational to work.


I agree with this. As a creator who is trying to aggregate their works into different categories for better visibility, I find that the current tagging system could do with a bit of improvement. As you said, the number of tags could stand to be increased.

I would also argue that A) tags should not be case-sensitive, and B) the Patreon desktop site should be implementing an auto-complete feature to make it easier to track down tags you have used in the past (much like how the mobile app does it, which is perfect).


Agreed I have no idea why they’d have them be case sensitive like that. So we can have every tag the same word with different caps dispersed?

I’m guessing that this was because on the creator’s posts page, it allows the creator to specify certain tags to appear there for easy access, so they want the ability to render them nicely… But in my opinion, I would just as soon have them rendered in all-caps, and not have to worry about the issue of whether I used title case or lower case when using this tag last time.