Taking the power back from the broken YouTube subscription system!

There have been some big changes in the YouTube back end that do not support artists anymore…

YouTube no longer sends out many publish notifications to the subscribers we worked so hard to gain; unless they also click the new “bell” beside the subscribe button that was quietly added, that no one knows about.
Instead, the way YouTube shares our content is by using it’s algorithm to decide how, where and when to share or “suggest” a video.

I run a niche channel that may not be successful when compared to mainstream daily vloggers taking about kittens, but with in my niche, I have managed to make a living and pull some great numbers…
However, the recent changes YouTube has made with the way the algorithm rewards “watch time” as opposed to viewer retention ratio is troubling for creators like me.
I aim to put out good quality content twice per month - it’s a HUGE undertaking to keep that up.
My channel gets really solid viewer retention of 50-60% to the end of 16+ minute videos, but of course my total “watch time” is nothing compared to channels that upload every day, even if their per video retention is terrible.

This new model is bad for artists… and promotes publishing as much crap as fast and as often as possible.

Anyway - this is not an aimless rant :slight_smile:
I am taking the power back by rebuilding my community via an old school mailing list and other means that can pull them to a place that I can actually reach them. It is hard, it feels a lot like starting over, but I’m up for it

  • anyone else feeling that pain lately?

This is me by the way:


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