Temporary tier for Special Offers?

I’m creating this new topic to share and idea I’ve been thinking about.
The thing is that, it could be interesting to create a new temporary tier just for a special offer while it’s running in order to limit the amount of patrons who can join and also tracking special offer benefits just for that new tier.
Nevertheless, thare are a couple of issues that would probably make this idea not feasible:

  • When creating a Special Offer, upon choosing the tier for it, the lower ones are automatically included right? I belive we can’t pick individually.
  • Getting patrons to change tiers when the special offer is over. If they remain in that " temporary tier " aftwerwards, they might be paying more for the next months when they didn’t have to.

Is anyone doing something similar? What do you think is the best practice in order to avoid the previously mentioned issues ? Thank you!

Actually, no, when setting up a tier for a special offer all of the tiers ABOVE the one you made will also get the offer.

Don’t try to get your supporters to change thier tier afterwards. Just accept the special offer as a loss leader in order to encourage more subscriptions.

You might be better off just selecting a tier you already have.

Have you looked at this page, yet?

That’s what I usually do, but instead of running a special offer using the tiers I already have increasing the rewards, I’d like to try a new tier with the same rewards but reducing the price for a limited time ( therefore, a discount ).

Yes, thank you. Not helpful though for my purposes.