#ThankYouPatrons Day - Nov 19th 2018!

Last year, we celebrated Thanksgiving by asking creators to partake in our #ThankYouPatrons campaign on twitter. It was so special to see how many of you jumped in and added a quick note about how thankful you are for your patrons — we might’ve even shed a tear or two.

This year, we’re doing it again, because let’s face it — patrons are everything. They’re the reason you have the freedom to create what you want, when you want. They’re the best, and they deserve to know just how much they mean to you #ThankYouPatrons day will take place November 19th on your social media platform of choice.


This year, we’re doing it again, because let’s face it — patrons are everything. They’re the reason you have the freedom to create what you want, when you want. They’re the best, and they deserve to know just how much they mean to you. So…

  • This is a surprise! We want your patrons to be shocked by the gratitude party on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds on Nov. 19th, so keep this campaign hush hush.
  • Last year, we didn’t give you enough of a heads up to create something special for #ThankYouPatrons day, so that’s why we’re emailing you so early this year.
  • You can participate simply by tweeting/posting some love, or go all out and make a dedicated/special video, episode, comic, or whatever it is you do best.
  • In it, tell your patrons how much they mean to you or what you’ve you been able to accomplish with them by your side.
  • When we go live on Nov. 19th, be sure to use #ThankYouPatrons, as we’ll be watching for responses throughout the day and re-sharing our favorites. A few days after, we’ll email all patrons with a recap to make sure they didn’t miss the love.

Okay, yay. We’re very excited to see what you come up with and can’t wait to create a special moment for patrons all over the globe.

Just under a week to go! We’ll be sending a reminder email tomorrow with some more ideas and images you can use.

How are you going to say #thankyoupatrons on Monday Nov 19th?


I’m going to repurpose this cartoon I made for my patrons a while back. Hoping to come up with something Thanksgiving-ish instead of Valentines-ish. Also hoping to find time to put together a video!


love the cartoon @ScienceMom !!

I’m going to try to think of something cute to do – maybe a goofy song on my guitar or something!


See you on Monday for a day filled with gratitude, love, and patrons feeling ruddy appreciated :smiley: Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.

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Looking forward to this tomorrow. Got a few things up my sleeve across my three main social channels (see Profile Card for links) including linking to the blog post I wrote on my 1st Patreon Anniversary last weekend:

And looking forward to Patreon being on standby to engage with the posts from their own audience and crowd…us!

— Jack


Here is one of my images for tomorrow’s Thank-You.

Here is the banner for my site:

I’m also working on a song…

AND I have Jury Duty tomorrow also…

(here’s hoping I have long sleeves for my ideas…)



Love your blog post @Jack! The 2019 calendar is beautiful.


I compiled a collage of all the finished artwork I’ve made this year as a direct result of my patron’s support and sized it so they can use it as a desktop background.


Excellent way to celebrate!


Hello All,

I hope your plans for #ThankYouPatrons day are coming along nicely.

I’m going to post a video later that I made to thank my Patrons on our first anniversary week before last. I thought you might like to see it here too:

I make theses videos very simply with my iPhone (and a mic plugged into it for decent sound) then edit them in iMovie. The music comes from Facebook’s collection of royalty free music.

Hope it’s useful and food for thought,

— Jack


Congratulations on the Anniversary and the Award of Merit Jack! Please Contact me if you ever want live or acoustic music for a video in your project.
“A ship may be safe” is one example: https://www.steveeulberg.com/a_piece_of_it_all_songs_from_the_cd/s/a_ship_may_be_safe

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Just a little doodle.


Hey gang! Last week’s thread was popular AF so I did it again for #ThankYouPatrons day :smile: https://twitter.com/HackettKate/status/1064560007708995585?s=20

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Here’s my #thankyoupatrons image. I posted a mildly animated one on my Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22810315

Hope everyone’s having a great response!

— Steve


THANK YOU so much for all your amazing posts, tweets, videos, drawings, and more! This is definitely one of the best days of my career - so much love and gratitude being spread on the internet :slight_smile:

We made a lil video too, if you’d like to have a look.


@mindy, more Marmalade content, please! :smile:


@thelatestkate she’s a cute one!