The adult Dilemma! Why don't you handle it differently?

So, now you’ve done it, set my page under review as well…and, ok…under dozens of posts there were 2 that displayed nudity. Not even sexual nudity, just a female orc fighting a night elf with a bare chest instead of a breast plate. My mistake. Sorry.

I’ve corrected that, not only set them to private but erased them to be sure. I’ve sent 3 emails…two days ago. I don’t know if it is enough or not, maybe there is a wrong link on my page? I don’t know…I sit here and desperatly look at my smartphone, waiting for an email of Fred the patreon inquisitor to show up.

My patrons are worried. They keep asking me if I will come back or not. I got over 600 and was growing fast. Now people will leave. I’m being honest with them, telling them I do everything I can. But everything I can do is wait for an email.

I know you’re on a purge. I know that you are going to further repress and bully adult creators. I know the situation will get even worse, even though you already said otherwise. Excluded us from search? Ok, we’ll take it. No adult search? Fine. No porn content? Fine. No porn links? You got it. No nudity? We do it.


You could have handled it so much better, just send an email and say: Hey, we’ve noticed a bare chest of a woman in your public post (Or an offensive Banner/Link/Whatever). Please erase it in the next 24 hours or otherwise we will have to set your page under review. - Regards, Fred the Inquisitor!

Fred/Patreon seems to ban creators in waves, then he realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew and is overwhelmed by the situation. I’ve heard other creators have to wait 4 days before they get a response. And that’s only for the first Email. So if you are asking “Can you tell me what I did wrong?”, you are already at a week long conversation.

This is taking far too long! My reputation is on the line here, so since you got more than enough money, get Fred two or three Inquisitor/Morality Police helpers! Support is always slow in response anyway!


Hey there. Firstly, I want to thank for you sharing your frustration. It’s important for us to hear this feedback so I can share it with the other teams. Secondly, I’m so sorry to hear that this process has been so confusing and stressful. I think we can always get better at communicating and you’ve offered some good, actionable insight here into how it feels to go through this process. I’ve passed it on to the right people to make sure they know. I’m not on the support team but I checked your progress and you’re being assigned a manager to work with you 1:1. You should hear back very soon but please let me know if you do not. My DMs are always open.

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Yes…I just got a response right in this moment. So thanks for ‘passing it on to the right people’ :slight_smile: . I have to admit that I feel a bit bad now, like I’ve not waited in line like the others…Fred mentioned that he has to deal with a lot of other creators right now.

My point still remains, though. Patreon support pointed out what kind of links they want deleted from my page. If they said that before (because I still don’t think linking to deviantart should be flagged…but it is what it is now) I would have immediatly got rid of these links and would have spared my patron supporters (and myself) the trouble.

This whole thing strikes me like the changes to charging that Patreon backed down from eventually. They invite creators here for feeback and opinions but then implement something that affects a lot of people seemingly without warning.

I run an adult Patreon page and though my account hasn’t been suspended I find myself constantly worrying about it for the things mentioned above. The rules seem to be pretty much open to interpretation as to what is and isn’t allowed and many, like me, are struggling to keep up.

I’m not sure why there is this sudden wave of suspensions right now but I would assume it’s something to do with keeping adult content way from under 18’s and only to paid patrons (which is fair enough) but the definition of what is adult seems very loose. The example by OP about a bare chested woman in combat,is it really sexual? Would it be sexual if it were a bare chested man?

My page contains things which are inherently fetishised. Am I not allowed to share anything that could even be remotely sexual to anyone publicly?

I agree with OP when it comes to the suspensions as well. It would be a lot easier on creators if you sent them a message/e-mail and then suspended after 24 hours if the content was still up.

Well, I can at least share what was said to me:

You are not allowed to link to any site with adult content, including your own site or blog.

You are not allowed to display nudity, Instagram-Style ;). That means a female nipple is too much, no genitals either, but a bare-chested man is fine. Doesn’t matter if the nudity is sexual or not.

Fetish content is a bit blurry, and my content is fetish as well. It depends. I’m not sure if there is a line of what kind of fetish is ok and not ok…so I guess you’d have to ask patreon if you are unsure. And even if they say it’s ok, it is not safe that they stick with it…

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Cross posting from here for visibility.

Hey everyone. Earlier this month we shared some information in response to your questions around an increase in suspended pages.

First off, we’ve seen concern about creators missing their June payment if they are still suspended on the payment date. We can confirm that a second payment will go out in mid July for those creators who are able to reform their page before then.

Secondly, we want to reiterate that our community guidelines have not changed, but we have been more proactive in reviewing the content on Patreon due to requirements from our payments partners. This is to ensure that all pages are compliant with the rules and we’re able to provide a safe platform for creators and patrons.

Lastly, we want to share some improvements we’ve made to expedite the review process:

Team Size: We doubled the size of the support team to ensure we get back to people as fast as humanly possible, which means there are Patreon team members working 7 days a week.
One-on-One Support: Replying to creators quickly is critical as it means we can then start providing one-on-one support by assigning each creator a specific manager to help them. That manager understands the creator’s page, their art, and how to best get their page compliant with the guidelines.
If you don’t hear back from someone on the support team within 48 hours, please message me directly and I will do my very best to find out what’s going on. I’ve personally read and shared every thread about this topic with the rest of the team, and I know there’s a lot of frustration and confusion about how this was communicated. I’d love to hear more from you about how we can get better at this.

Please know that we hear you and your feedback. We care. We’ll continue to provide updates as we can.