The API has been abandoned

The API has been abandoned.

The API and the docs haven’t been updated for a long time. The github repositories don’t seem to have been worked on for 2 years. The documentation still says you are working on V2, despite there clearly being no activity. So we have 2 abandoned versions mixed together in the documentation, not to mention the libraries only work with V1. The docs also direct users to the patreon developers community saying that your “engineering team and community leaders are active”, despite it clearly being abandoned as we never get responses. None of the github issues get addressed either, aside from other users. Abandoning it sucks, but making it look like it’s still active and you’re willing to help us with it until we dig deeper is terrible.

The API is the #1 most important thing for my patreon. It’s how I give my patrons all of their rewards. They link their patreon account and I can grab their tier and display their digital rewards. This is not on a wordpress website, this is my own website, so I need to be able to access the API myself. Last month it randomly broke and wouldn’t refresh my API key. It took until the middle of the month to get a response, and until the end of the month for it to work again (or at least until I tried it as I never received another response).

I feel like developers have been completely abandoned for the new merch thing, which isn’t how I want to give rewards. I think an API is very important for your platform, and even if you don’t want to put a ton of effort into it, it still needs to be cleaned up so new users don’t get completely lost and misled.


Thanks for the likes. Bumping in the hopes that we can get at the bare minimum an acknowledgement from Patreon.

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I’ve actually had my fair share of issues out of the API as well. With 18,000 Patreon users, those API breaks got me yelled at. A lot.

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Hello, I’m an engineering manager at Patreon. I wanted to reassure you all that Patreon’s platform API has definitely not been abandoned. While we haven’t made any major changes to our platform documentation, clients, or API functionality in a while, we are still very much committed to maintaining the platform and supporting our developer community. In the short term, we plan to prioritize increasing our response rate to address immediate questions and issues. In the mid/long term we have exciting plans to continue adding more features and support to our developer platform.

With that, we wanted to apologize for not responding faster to help our developers. Going forward we are committing to responding with more frequency and speed. We take this very importantly and hope to see developers continue to build amazing products and services on top of our developer API.


Hello there
I’ve integrated Patreon’s auth API into my site (for 3-4 years now actually) without any problems. However, the past 5 weeks we experiences massive delays getting a response from it which made my site a chore to even navigate. Not only that, since yesterday we don’t even get a response anymore, so users can’t login with the Patreon API, which means they can’t watch the Patreon only content. I’m worried about they’ll start dropping their pledges because of this, it’s been 5 weeks i’ve been trying to get hold of somebody from support and there’s been zero replies either via email or your social media, these are stressful times as they are already.

Did something change on your end? Are you working on a fix? What can we do?


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Hey @Athos_K, thanks for making this post, and I’m sorry to hear about these recent problems. I checked with our eng. team and it would be great if you could clarify a few points that would help us trying to reproduce what they are experiencing:

However, the past 5 weeks we experiences massive delays getting a response from it

What specific endpoints were experiencing delays?

since yesterday we don’t even get a response anymore

  1. What specific endpoints are not responding
  2. Are the requests now hanging forever or are they erroring? If it’s the latter, it would be helpful if they could share what http code and error message they get.

Thank you in advance!

The API just times out because we never get a response, thus there’s no http code or error message to show.

Thank you!

To add more on this, we are using v1, maybe v1 api has been abandoned?

Thanks @Athos_K! can you still share please what endpoints you were calling?

Also, we’d love to know if you’re using one of our API libraries?

we are using the user endpoint and the php API library.

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Hey @Athos_K, I am an engineer at Patreon and I have been investigating the issue you are facing.

Here is what I tried:

  • I used your “Login with Patreon” button to OAuth with a test account.
  • I fetched its access token.
  • Using the access token, I was able to query the user endpoint and get a valid response.

I was not able to reproduce any timeouts and the API responded in a timely matter.

I used this code:

use Patreon\API;
use Patreon\OAuth;

// TODO: replace with your credentials
$client_id = "";
$client_secret = "";

// TODO: replace with a valid token gotten from
$access_token = "";

$oauth_client = new OAuth($client_id, $client_secret);

$api_client = new API($access_token);
$patron_response = $api_client->fetch_user();
$patron = $patron_response->get('data');

// This did return the patron's first name

It would help me if you could answer the following questions?

  1. Are you also using patreon-php 0.3.1?
  2. Is $api_client->fetch_user() consistently not answering for you?
  3. Is there something different in your setup compared to the code snippet I shared that I should be aware of?

PS: It will require some work but the v2 API should be significantly faster. It might be worth giving it a try


Hello again
Sorry for the late reply, we fixed the login issue by ugprading the library we are using, we were using a very old version of the API. We are still in v1 however.
Now we still experience the long delays, about 8 seconds each time which makes the site a chore to navigate. You can check it here

We would like to avoid for the time being upgrading to v2 because of the workload, so can you please take a look at this


Athos, are you currently using v 1.0.0 of the PHP library? Are you using v 1.0.0 with v1 client? If so that could cause some performance hit and other issues.

Moving to v2 client while using v1.0.0 of the PHP lib may be an improvement.

Just logged in today to find this scary message:

Does this man the API is going to stop working on Monday or we’re simply on our own if/when it does stop working? Some clarification would be nice so we have an idea on how quickly we need to react to this news.


I came to search out this exact thing. I logged in to check to see if my API was correct because a certain feature stopped working. I saw the notification at the top of the site, but I don’t believe I was informed elsewhere. Or if I was, it was very well hidden.

A little clarification would be nice. I don’t want my locked stuff on my website to all-of-the-sudden be available to everyone.

Hi friends,

Please see the thread below regarding Patreon’s API:


Yea def. abandoned now. I’ve been trying to get help for a month. I wrote in three times, last time before the date hit and the first time they wrote me back was on the date they stopped supporting it, saying oh well, now it’s no longer support, it sucks, but we’re also not going to do anything about it. This after I all but isolated the issue down to something on the Patreon side. After going back and forth with them an additional 3 times, the best I got was a link to this forum.

Hey @VRAnimeTed, welcome to the forum and thanks for joining. Apologies for not hearing back but that is exactly what we wanted to be open and transparent about.

Over the past few months, we’ve heard creators and developers express that we haven’t been supporting our API as best we can. We want to be transparent and honest about our plans going forward. The news right now is that due to resource constraints, we can no longer actively maintain the Developer API with Patreon engineering resources. All endpoints will function as normal, however this means there won’t be new versions, ongoing maintenance, or updates. Any resources dedicated to the API will be for fixing critical issues affecting uptime.

Can you share more about what is it that you’re looking for help with? Someone in this community might be able to help you :slight_smile:

The issue seems to stem from the api not returning VRAnimeTed’s tiers in a proper way. This was debugged on the app side, however the same call that works for a different creator account does not work for his account.

At this moment, there is nothing that can be done from outside from the app side.

So I am seeing “invalid_grants” when refreshing my token programmatically, but the refresh is still working. I am relying heavily on the Patreon API to grant my patreons access to my services. You are abandoning the API but can push a full-fledged merch-store? Is that really a thing?

And no, this is nothing the community can help to work around because it’s your server answering our requests and returning the data.