The API has been abandoned

Hey @Athos_K, I am an engineer at Patreon and I have been investigating the issue you are facing.

Here is what I tried:

  • I used your “Login with Patreon” button to OAuth with a test account.
  • I fetched its access token.
  • Using the access token, I was able to query the user endpoint and get a valid response.

I was not able to reproduce any timeouts and the API responded in a timely matter.

I used this code:

use Patreon\API;
use Patreon\OAuth;

// TODO: replace with your credentials
$client_id = "";
$client_secret = "";

// TODO: replace with a valid token gotten from
$access_token = "";

$oauth_client = new OAuth($client_id, $client_secret);

$api_client = new API($access_token);
$patron_response = $api_client->fetch_user();
$patron = $patron_response->get('data');

// This did return the patron's first name

It would help me if you could answer the following questions?

  1. Are you also using patreon-php 0.3.1?
  2. Is $api_client->fetch_user() consistently not answering for you?
  3. Is there something different in your setup compared to the code snippet I shared that I should be aware of?

PS: It will require some work but the v2 API should be significantly faster. It might be worth giving it a try


Hello again
Sorry for the late reply, we fixed the login issue by ugprading the library we are using, we were using a very old version of the API. We are still in v1 however.
Now we still experience the long delays, about 8 seconds each time which makes the site a chore to navigate. You can check it here

We would like to avoid for the time being upgrading to v2 because of the workload, so can you please take a look at this


Athos, are you currently using v 1.0.0 of the PHP library? Are you using v 1.0.0 with v1 client? If so that could cause some performance hit and other issues.

Moving to v2 client while using v1.0.0 of the PHP lib may be an improvement.

Just logged in today to find this scary message:

Does this man the API is going to stop working on Monday or we’re simply on our own if/when it does stop working? Some clarification would be nice so we have an idea on how quickly we need to react to this news.


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I came to search out this exact thing. I logged in to check to see if my API was correct because a certain feature stopped working. I saw the notification at the top of the site, but I don’t believe I was informed elsewhere. Or if I was, it was very well hidden.

A little clarification would be nice. I don’t want my locked stuff on my website to all-of-the-sudden be available to everyone.

Hi friends,

Please see the thread below regarding Patreon’s API:


Yea def. abandoned now. I’ve been trying to get help for a month. I wrote in three times, last time before the date hit and the first time they wrote me back was on the date they stopped supporting it, saying oh well, now it’s no longer support, it sucks, but we’re also not going to do anything about it. This after I all but isolated the issue down to something on the Patreon side. After going back and forth with them an additional 3 times, the best I got was a link to this forum.

Hey @VRAnimeTed, welcome to the forum and thanks for joining. Apologies for not hearing back but that is exactly what we wanted to be open and transparent about.

Over the past few months, we’ve heard creators and developers express that we haven’t been supporting our API as best we can. We want to be transparent and honest about our plans going forward. The news right now is that due to resource constraints, we can no longer actively maintain the Developer API with Patreon engineering resources. All endpoints will function as normal, however this means there won’t be new versions, ongoing maintenance, or updates. Any resources dedicated to the API will be for fixing critical issues affecting uptime.

Can you share more about what is it that you’re looking for help with? Someone in this community might be able to help you :slight_smile:

The issue seems to stem from the api not returning VRAnimeTed’s tiers in a proper way. This was debugged on the app side, however the same call that works for a different creator account does not work for his account.

At this moment, there is nothing that can be done from outside from the app side.

So I am seeing “invalid_grants” when refreshing my token programmatically, but the refresh is still working. I am relying heavily on the Patreon API to grant my patreons access to my services. You are abandoning the API but can push a full-fledged merch-store? Is that really a thing?

And no, this is nothing the community can help to work around because it’s your server answering our requests and returning the data.

Yea as Codebard said, unless someone in the community has tiers to Patreon engineering it’s unlikely I can get the help I need here. I would just use the dollar amount instead of the tiers, but the tier issue causes error messages to show on any page using the API rendering it unusable.

Hi there. I have to caution it seems unfair to Skeddles and other developers, and a bad customer expectation to set, to suggest several years of no GitHub responses is Patreon’s version of ‘definitely not abandoned’. Some portion of the API development may have been ongoing, but this part – the customer facing/customer service portion — did not make that priority list. A 730 day lapse in customer service is a genuine dropped ball.

Okay. That said: What do your commitments look like, may I ask? How often are you planning to scan and answer questions on your GitHub repo? Also, have you hired a writer to put your replies together properly? Not only does it cut down on questions and misunderstandings, it helps with inadvertent implications like the one discussed in the first paragraph of my reply. Writers can keep you connected to the outside world and your community. They’re a real bonus.

I hope this mail isn’t coming across as harsh. My point is that internally pursing API improvements is only half the job. The other half (the customer service half) was abandoned, but doesn’t have to be in the future!

It definitely seems abandoned to me now. Parts of the documentation/examples are incorrect, extremely vague, or simply nonexistant. One would think a company as large as Patreon would, at the very least, be able to clean up the documentation?

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Well it looks like they’re doing something, because they managed to break something a day ago: Issue/Bug in Patreon API: last_charge_date empty for ALL patrons since 2020-09-03

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I read on this blog post that the API is no longer supported:

We are just about to start integrating Patreon OAuth in order to give perks to our users. Does this mean that it will possibly not work in the future?

Would appreciate a direct answer yes/no so we know how to best spent our resources.

Much thanks!

No worries, you can use the api to integrate Patreon. Even only through WP plugin, 4000+ sites are using the api - some pretty large sites. So it works fine. Hiccups happen due to infrastructure situation sometimes but that’s normal. But remember to use v2 clients with v2 endpoints and v2 calls. Just ignore the v1 documentation parts.

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I just spent several days implementing a Patreon integration to allow my site’s users to receive tiered benefits. I started with v2, since much of the documentation (including webhooks, where the v1 pledge webhooks are marked as deprecated) seems geared toward v2.

Only after 2 days of frustration and testing did I realize that the v2 API at least does seem to be abandoned, midway through its development apparently.

I luckily found this post and have been able to implement much of what I needed with v1. However, after reading more from developers I’m very concerned that the API will be completely abandoned in the near future. It is unacceptable that Patreon has not given a more thorough response than what is here.

Please respond, Patreon :confused:

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As you can notice from the helpdesk article you linked, direct developer support is not being offered anymore for the api. But you can open topics and get community support at the developers’ forum:

As for development, you should definitely continue developing your app over api v2 specs. Api v1 will function for some time to come, but v2 is where the intended future of the api is at.

I’m surprised you see any future in either the v1 or the v2 API. Unless there’s a big change of priorities at Patreon, it seems like both are being left to rot. Webhooks are now half broken since Patreon added multicurrency support, and more recently even the v2 /campaign/members endpoint broke and is not returning the email address of the members.

I have to agree with @Dreaming_Spanish - my experience trying to develop against the v2 spec was incredibly frustrating. Even the simplest task like receiving the details of a member’s pledge levels in v2 seemed impossible and unnecessarily complicated. Again, I would ask for more clarity from the Patreon team.

Given the state of the API v2 documentation and the fact that most developers seem to be relying on v1, statements like,

Api v1 will function for some time to come

are pretty ominous.