The "games" category is still ridiculous

95% of “games” category is videos.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but videos have their own category, and this particular one is supposed to feature people CREATING GAMES.
Not videos about games.
Look at the category title above: top games creators…
This problem has been here since the beginning and still nobody addresses it.


Personally, I find that the best way to find new things that I would be interested in becoming a patron of, is to look at the things the people I support, are supporting. They usually have similar interests.

But that means that having these “discover” categories is completely pointless.

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Yeah, but they usually are anywhere.

And do we really want Patreon curating what we create?

No. We want them to showcase game designers in this category.


Also, this guy can do better in his spare time:

There’s still some videos in there, but in general there are a lot of actual game creation related topics there. Even better, you can report inaccuracies so he can improve the categories when it makes sense.

I just wish this wasn’t necessary and Patreon would provide sensible ways to discover creators themselves. Until it does, I’m supporting Graphtreon.

Wow, that does seem to be an issue.

I’d suggest splitting games into two categories: “Gaming” and “Game Dev” or "Indie Games"
The prior would apply to reviews, videos, and media revolving games, while the latter would apply to actually producing a game.

To be fair I don’t usually use Patreon’s built in navigation and I don’t expect my patrons to though. All my support comes from off-site.