The Insider: Edition 5 - March 2020

Hello creators! The Insider is the place to get the latest product updates and insights to help you grow your membership. But before we get into it — in light of the world’s current uncertain situation — we have a couple special announcements. Remember to take care of yourselves, be kind to one another and your community, create and connect from afar. We’ll get through this together.

Special Announcements

Join our Movie Night

Grab a snack, change from your day PJs into your night PJs, and join us for a virtual movie night on Tuesday April 7th at 5pm PT! We’re voting on what movie to watch, so join our Discord to cast your vote and get all the details on how to join.

Workshops this week

In an effort to support the creative community during these times of uncertainty, the Patreon team is offering free online workshops. If you can’t make the livestream, you can still watch the recording later. Stay tuned, as we’ll be adding new sessions weekly. Register here.

Product Updates

A new type of Promo Code benefit

  • We’ve seen online stores become a more critical source of income for creators. Promo codes are a lightweight way to instantly add value to new and existing tiers – it’s an easy way to deliver a code for discounts to your online store without the worry of how your patrons will access it. Simply edit any tier and click Recommended Benefits to get started.

Fan Landing Page Banner Test

  • We tested guiding fans directly to the tier comparison section of the fan landing page, instead of landing on the banner image with half of the tiers showing. The test didn’t increase conversion and so we’ll be leaving the banner dimensions the same.

New merch products available

Mobile Image Galleries Updates on iOS and Android

  • On iOS and Android creators can now edit existing image galleries to change the order of images and edit captions as well as alt text.


Patreon’s head of Data Science revealed some interesting trends in the creative economy we’re seeing in light of COVID-19 and shared some of them on Hang Time. Check out her blog post for the full analysis and some pretty dope charts.

Here are some highlights:

  • We’re seeing an unprecedented number of fans are pledging to become patrons. 20% more to be exact. Fans are stepping up to support creators in these uncertain times.

  • Patrons deleting their pledge has remained steady and the bump in patron acquisition has far outpaced it.

  • Over the coming months, you can use tools like dashboards, patron relationship manager, and exit surveys to keep tabs on the health of your Patreon membership.