The Insider: Edition 6 - April 2020

Hey there creators, let’s take a look back at the latest product updates and insights from last month that can help you stay inspired and grow your creative business.

Product Updates

Updates to the Left Navigation Menu

  • A new “Page” section is now available on the left side of your creator page. You can easily access the page editor and view your page as a patron.


Testing the placement of tier rewards summary

  • We tested the placement of the tier rewards summary box to see if more patrons decided to make a pledge. The test compared the performance of moving the value prop box above the tiers against the original placement of above Recent Posts. The test found no significant difference between the original placement and the new one, so we’ll leave the placement unchanged.

Testing the value of explaining “why” patrons should support on Patreon

  • We added a box at the top of the creator landing page explaining why a fan should support a creator on Patreon. Unfortunately the test didn’t find any significant increase in pledges among patrons who saw the test version, so we didn’t move forward with this change.

Mobile Improvements

  • Search bar for posts now available on mobile. Patrons can now find the exact right post while on the go.
  • Recently played section added to audio section so patrons can easily continue listening to a previous episode.

Search Improvements

  • Increased the visibility of the search bar on the home page so patrons can find creators more easily

  • For searches yielding no results, we added a link to the Social Connect page in order to help patrons find creators they follow on social media.


Turn more fans into patrons with our new promo code benefit

If you currently offer a promo code as a benefit make sure it’s taking full advantage of our new smart benefit. Creators who have switched see on average 8% more fans becoming patrons. And it only takes a few minutes to set up. Check out a step by step guide here.

Again, for those in the back, Special Offers work!

Check out this thread in the forum, where creator LazyGold was able to increase their monthly earnings by almost $1k a month by running a special offer.

On average, creators who ran a Special Offer saw upwards of 50% growth in their yearly earnings. Consider launching your page with a Special Offer to entice your fans to join for exclusive benefits.


This round-up is awesome; thank you for putting all the update info in one place!


Thanks for sharing, and for your hard work!


Thank you so much for this update!

Half-related question: would Patreon ever consider using a dedicated suggestions system (e.g Aha!)? I think having the option to upvote, sort by vote and see statuses of implementations would be awesome and will be so much more effective and transparent. Also I feel like being able to suggest improvements only on this discourse neglects the feedback and ideas from a large and important group on Patreon - patrons themselves.


I am gonna keep feeling like an outcast as long as the search bar won’t show adult content creators …

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I really like the social connect idea.


Thank you @pattyloof @supersatanson :slight_smile: and @rubenfcid for sharing how you feel.

Thanks for the suggestion, @OdeChan! We have been discussing this lately (here’s how Discord does it, which I personally really like) but I had not seen Aha before, thanks for sharing. You raise an excellent point about patrons, too. We’re continuing to bear it in mind, along with how to prioritize managing another space and how much resources we could give to the features/suggestions that get the most upvotes.

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Thank you! I am on Patreon for 3 years, i am still looking how to figure out and manage this lovely space. That’s a kick to start planning and doing something.