The new "Attempted Amount Charged" column on the earnings dashboard looks broken

So today I looked at and was informed of a new “Attempted Amount Charged” column.

July looks right - the numbers add up precisely - but the others are pretty off. 722.35 for June, 823.97 for May, and $545.74 for April. It goes all the way back to the first month I was on Patreon, supposedly 30.55 was attempted, with a little more than two bucks taken out of it for fees, and a payout to me of $8.47.

I suspect this is just something going wrong in the how the actual data’s being massaged - I’m on a pay-per-thing campaign, and the regularity with which new features are rolled out that only work on a per-month campaign makes me suspect this was never tested on any historical data from pay-per-thing creators.

If there’s actually several thousand bucks sitting around Patreon’s coffers that never made it to me, I’d be delighted to get it, though. :slight_smile:

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I got a super-noncommittal response to my posting this to the support form. Can I at least get something like “holy shit those numbers do not add up, wtf” from someone at Patreon? This goes all the way back to my first month here, a little less than a year after Patreon opened for business. Here’s some more screenshots.

I just noticed that also contains this column, and dumped it into Google Sheets.

There’s some months where payouts plus fees are more than the amount charged, and some months where it all adds up - but overall there is 9.3k of attempted charges that is not accounted for as fees or payouts. And even if this is a weird bug that only applies to creators on the legacy plan and pay-per-thing instead of pay-per-month, I really hope this is just an error in calculating the “attempted amount charged” column because there are probably people who have been on Patreon as long as me who are making a lot more money off of their stuff.

You might want to email support or ask on Discord. Staff rarely check the forums anymore.

Did that already. I got a total generic reply on the support ticket, and absolutely no acknowledgement after the Discord community management told me to post it in the “income dashboard updates” channel there.

I’m posting it here to have somewhere public, in case anyone else is getting this. Is it just me? Is it just people who are pay-per-thing? Or people on the Founder price tier? I just have access to my own account, I have no idea. Does a quick look at the numbers on your income dashboard’s “attempted amount charged” column look right?

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I’m a founder with CUF, and I have the issue as well.

@Hayley Perhaps you could let us know if y’all are at least aware of this issue?

Engagement looks off too. Since April it says I’ve posted zero Patreon-only posts? Actually most of the months the numbers are wrong.

Our product team solicited feedback on the changes to the income dashboard when they were first announced (via Discord and a thread in the Updates category here), and are parsing through additional feedback that has come in since it went live. I will make sure they see this thread and the concerns/questions that are raised here.


Just saw this in the Discord, I am glad to know this one is a display error and not a potential giant financial mess that goes back to the dawn of Patreon. :slight_smile:


This should be fixed now!

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The numbers do seem to line up now:

…but it’s still kind of confusing, given that the final numbers track pretty closely to what my calculations say I should be getting each month; I’ve been tracking the predicted earnings for each pay-as-you go post and adding them up. June attempted to charge $1012.97, versus the $927.74 that my notes said should have been charged; July was $995.61 versus my estimate of 921, which is closer but still seventy bucks over. August’s still in process.

Is “attempted amount charged” maybe double-counting times when a patron’s card was initially declined, but went through after a second try a little later? The info page linked at the top of each column is pretty vague on this…