The New Fee Policy

In a word - BOO.
I am very unhappy about this. As a creator, I expect the range of what I make to vary a bit every month. I would happily continue to eat those fees than put them onto my amazing supporters. This is a giant turn off to all current and future pledgers, and thus far the community seem unanimously unhappy. Many creators are also leaving as a result.
Again, I say BOO.

I’m hoping with enough voice opinion we can get these policies reversed ASAP.

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It has been reversed as of today.

However, I’ve lost 30 patrons over this, and I won’t know the full financial damage until next month because about 50% of my patrons changed from pledging $X per creation for 8-10 creations per month to a single pledge of $(Y)X non-repeating, where Y is between 1 and 10.