The new reward editor, not flexible enough?

This is both a bit of feedback regarding the site and a question for fellow creators.
I’m revising my rewards for the first time in ages and just noticed the new reward editor. In a way it’s super functional and simple, especially for adding images, but there no longer is any way to add a note of any sort in that column. And that’s precisely what I need to do because I’ve decided to add one-off cumulative rewards, like patron milestones, that all patrons regardelss of monthly pledge can look forward to. It’s important for this to be mentioned at the top of the pledges column so that prospective patrons can’t miss it, but it’s impossible to do that now. It would be really handy to have a text box at the top of the rewards editor so we can mention anything we might need. Otherwise we’re kind of forced into conformity.
To illustrate what I mean, I would like to be able to make my rewards column say something like:

"In addition to the monthly rewards below, all my patrons regardless of pledge will receive milestone rewards when their total contribution reaches a certain amount:

  • $50 [something]
  • $100 [something]
  • $200 [something]"

Now my question is for fellow creators who are already offering this kind of cumulative rewards: how are you presenting it in the current site architecture? How do you make sure that idea comes across clearly and is visible on your page? Please link me to your creator page so I can have a look!

PS: I’m very struck by this cumulative reward idea because it is so native to the Patreon philosophy of long-term support. The tiered monthly pledges, in contrast, are clearly Kickstarter-inspired (not that I want them replaced altogether). I wonder if as the site grows, we’re going to find that the cumulative rewards become more prominent. It would be great to provide the right soil for it to take root. It gives all patrons something to look forward to even if they can’t afford higher tiers.

I don’t offer generalized cumulative awards, though now that you’re describing it, I like the idea in principle. Some people will obviously take longer to reach those levels than others, and you may have to pay particularly close attention to your Patron Manager page to be sure you don’t miss it when people hit those milestones, but it could certainly be worth the additional investment in rewards.

What I do is more specific - e.g., at the $20 level, you receive all the benefits of the previous levels up to $10, and you also get a calendar of photos from my project, but only after the fourth consecutive month of your sponsorship at the $20 level.


Hi Jeff, how do you explain your system on your creator page? I can see how in your case you could mention it in the appropriate reward tier.

Yes, it’s in the $20 reward tier, worded thusly:

  • All of the above benefits, plus:
  • A 2018 Topless New York wall calendar, featuring full-color photos of over twenty different women exercising their equal right to be topless in public (You must be a patron at this level for at least four months before being eligible for this reward.)

Cheers! That helps me form an idea.

Happy to help/inspire! :slight_smile: