The Patreon Content Exchange

I mentioned this in an unrelated thread, but I want to mention it in its own topic.

Every once in a while, I search Patreon for people who are doing something similar to what I’m doing.

Then I approach the person about a content trade. I’ll post something of theirs exclusively to my patrons. (Something they’ve already offered to their patrons.) And they can post something from my Patreon archive exclusively for their patrons.

(This works best with exclusive content — something that folks can’t get outside of Patreon.)

It’s a win-win.

We both get content that we think our patrons will enjoy. We both get an opportunity to expose our work to the people pledging to the other person.

I know the fear. “They’ll like the other person better, and ditch me in favor of them.”

I can tell you from experience, I get a lot of new pledges who are continuing their pledge to the other person. (I know, because I always click that button to see who else they’re supporting.) For me, it has been a “rising tide lifts all boats ” situation.

As proof, I recently polled my backers asking them how they found out about my Patreon. (And a link to the ongoing poll is included in my welcome material.) Those content exchanges are the third-most-popular — after the site itself (Evil Inc) and Patreon discovery.

I can’t recommend this strategy strongly enough — especially if you’re doing exclusive content.


I absolutely love this idea!

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Me, too!


Really interesting idea. How do you match up the pricing? E.g. if you give the other creator something that your patrons paid $5 for the other creator gives it to their patrons for $3 for example. This could upset your patrons.

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Honestly… it hasn’t come up. Form the viewpoint of the backer, it’s a free reward that they weren’t expecting. I usually try to make sure the two rewards are somewhat commensurate — like a 10-page story in exchange for 10 illustrations. But, mostly the reaction from patrons is excitement.


I love this idea, Brad - thanks for sharing it!

By any chance, could you share an example of a content-swap that you’ve done? Screenshot is fine, or copy/paste… anything that just lets us see how you phrase & frame the content swap. :slight_smile:


What a fun idea, and a wondeful way for artists to support each other! Great work!

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