The patron experience and the Acast universal link

The Patron Experience

Acast offers a much simpler and more reliable way for your patrons to get access to their exclusive content, which should lead more of them to continue their membership with you. When a patron clicks the link to access their feed, after authenticating they get to a page to choose their podcasting app and go directly to the spot to click and subscribe to the feed with the URL already pasted in. It’s a big help to patrons who may not already know what app to use and it reduces errors or shared links

Subscribing to the feed through Acast works with every podcasting app that can directly add feeds. That includes Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Downcast, Podcast Addict, Acast, and dozens more. Acast even auto-detects which of those apps are on the user’s phone, so they can easily select the one they actively use.

Acast provides a “universal link” for your show that authenticates the users and only then provides their individual, private feed. We display this link when the patron makes their pledge, on their My Memberships page, and in the Patreon mobile app. You also can easily view the link from your show page on Acast and then clicking on the Patreon logo on the left side under “Share”.

With the universal link, it is much easier for you to help creators if they are having trouble accessing the content! You no longer have to ask them to find their own unique RSS feed from Patreon. Simply provide them with your universal link which they can click to authenticate as a patron to get access to the content. Same thing if their link stops working for any reason - they should unsubscribe from that feed in their podcast app, and click the universal link again to re-subscribe.

More from me tomorrow.

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