The Post Comment emails drive me insane - please fix them!

I’ve been using Patreon for years and this has always bugged me, so I figured I’d make an ‘official’ request to fix it:

If someone writes a comment to your post, and they include a carriage-return in the comment, the email that is sent to you only ever includes the first part and cuts off the rest, with no indication there is even anything more. Here’s an example of an email I received:


The actual comment was much longer than this and included several important questions I needed to answer! I’m now so used to the emails being useless that I always click “View Comment” anyway just to make sure.

Which leads me to an even more annoying issue: Clicking “View Comment” doesn’t actually take you to the comment at all! It just takes you to the post the comment is part of. In busy posts, with lots of comments it doesn’t even show all the comments - you have to click ‘Load more comments’ over and over to get them all to appear. Finding the actual comment you’re trying to reply to in all this UI mess can take a good while.

This really can’t be a big thing to fix, yet it’s been an issue for years.

It’s almost as frustrating as the content posting UI, which is beyond terrible, but there are threads about that already. Honestly, the whole Patreon web site needs a complete reboot. Page load times are insane due to the way the pages have been constructed, it’s a really slow and painful experiene to use as a creator and I’ve no doubt at all that I’ve lost many potential patrons because they just couldn’t be bothered to navgiate the flow. All it’s going to take is a competitor to jump in with a well thought out and working web site and I can forsee creators moving in droves. Which is kind of sad, because these are trivial things to fix.




I second this. I would also like to add on that the recent app updates have now made commenting really odd too. It used to say WHO commented
in the push notification. Now it just says “Patreon” and the comment which is really out of context now.


Hi @photonstorm, thank you for this feedback. We understand and agree that these emails could do with a major upgrade to make them valuable and useful for creators.We’re doing a look at all our emails at the moment and this one in particular is one of the worst offenders; it doesn’t tell you the post that was commented on, and only one line of the comment. I brought this up in our monthly meeting where we surface issues like this to the product team; and we have a lot of continual work to do to always be improving all areas of Patreon, as you mentioned.