The preview when sharing to Facebook etc

Every now and then I share a patron-only post to my social media, to remind people I’m on Patreon and tempt them into pledging. The problem is, all that they see is the title of the post! See the attachment below: The image is replaced by a “patron-only post” (which is great), and the text has a generic pitch. I feel this is counter-productive and not enticing, as it’s so easy to miss the title and think it’s an ad I’m posting repeatedly. I wish that the text that shows with the post (on FB at least) could be replaced by the first couple of lines of the post itself. That would do much more to engage an outsider’s curiosity. Perhaps even the image could be partially visible, with the “post-only” image showing up as a banner across it? We want people to WANT to have a look, but they need a sneak peek for that, either of the image, or of the text, or both!


@joumana, I hear you. That’s so bleh of us. We need to fix this, it’s nowhere near as good as it could be.

We hear this a lot from great creators. Adding your comment to the case for prioritizing this sooner - cc’ing @dave as he has pointed this out to my team as well!

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Oh that’s good to hear, thanks for taking that on board!

Amen! As far as I know–the same thing happens even IF it is public! Which is a crying shame.

This is what I meant by us each having our own subdomains (…It needs to look like it is coming from us and not some generic megacorporation when we share OUR stuff…