The Second Renaissance is coming

The internet is just over 30 years old and it has revolutionized the way we live, although it hasn’t affected everyone in the same way.

This video (in my opinion) may be Jack’s COOLEST, most inspiring piece yet. But I won’t spoil it for you. You’re just going to have to watch and let him tell you that creators are on the verge of a second Renaissance, making this the best, most exciting time to be an artist.


Now, let’s see Patreon put that into practice and focus on creators, who are their actual customers. Give us the tools we need and let us determine how we interact with our patrons. That means allowing us to set the price visible to patrons, decide if we want ‘tax-inclusive’ pricing, decide which currency to accept, delete patrons who have removed their pledges, fully support the API, and give us tools to bulk manage posts, and to reverse choices which are currently ‘one-way trap doors’.

You just received $90 million in cash. Use it on creators.


Longer than that, especially if you count ARPANet. :wink: Unless you mean the World Wide Web. Most Internet is WWW using http these days but you can still use other protocols like telnet and ftp.


Jack responds to a few of the comments on The Second Renaissance is coming (video above) using insider data from Patreon and elsewhere. Some cool topics he touches on:

  • Why the second Renaissance hasn’t happened yet (1:24)
  • Creators earn more over time – Did we know we organize every Patreon creator by cohort and measure the growth of each cohort? (5:20)
  • It’s not just about ad revenue (6:36)
  • Competition between platform monetization tools (9:09)
  • What the top creators are making on Patreon, but “middle-class creativity” is possible and happening on Patreon (10:41)

Watch it here!

Totally non-responsive to the concerns I raised above.