The Set Early Access feature

I don’t know exactly what this thing is called, but just discovered I have it in beta on my primary Patreon today. It’s a feature where you can make a patron only post and then after a set number of days it goes public. This is the thing I didn’t know I was wanting, but definitely do! I currently just make all posts public, but when I first started I would paywall some things and then later go and change them to public. It was sort of a hassle so I just made everything for everyone.

Creators, who plans on using this once they get it? Are you paywalling posts now or are all of your posts public?

Patreon people, I love you guys for having me in so many beta features. I do not know how I managed to get on the beta list, but THANK YOU! :hearts::heart_eyes::hearts: I have a couple of questions about it: When the post goes public, would it be lower in the follower’s home feed due to the original post date or would it get bumped to the top when it releases? Also are there any plans on perhaps making it so that creators can set it for their highest pledging patrons, then release to lower patrons, then public? It would be kind of neat to give my $10+up patrons a little bonus 24 hours exclusivity: maybe they’d see it the first day, all other patrons the day after, and then the post goes public a week later.

How the post looks to non-patrons. ^^

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I totally want to try this out once I have the feature! I don’t yet :[
Right now I post a lot of public posts, but I try to make at least one post a week for only $3+ patrons, with something behind the scenes or a WIP.
Thinking of using this feature to show my finished works first for patrons, and then after a day (or is that too short?) make it public. I think it’s gonna be goood.
I’m also curious to know if the post ends up lower in the feed or if it gets bumped to the top.


PLEASE can I have this :smiley:


I think it’s accessible to all now. You just have to click to make a patron only post and then an option pops up to set early access. Looks like the default setting is 3 days, but it’s adjustable. I polled my patrons and they said 3 or 5 days was a good amount of early access. 7 days was too long and 1 day wasn’t quite enough.

I don’t have it yet though :stuck_out_tongue: Waiting waiting… ^^

Shoot, I thought it was available to everyone now that the new site layout went public. I hope you all get it soon, I really like the ability to give my patrons early access without having to permanently lock everyone else out or make another post that’s public later or even open a previously exclusive post that is now buried. It’s a good little bonus for my patrons since I have been doing all public posts.

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Hello everyone! is it normal that nowadays I still do not have the option when I aim to make a patreon only post? I saw the turorial I just don’t have the small option next to tags still. Thanks!


Have you clicked to make the post “patrons only”? The early access thing doesn’t pop up until you do.

My posts (text, image…) are already patreon only by default when I create
one. Since the option isn’t there, I tried to change the option to public,
then back to private, trying with tier specific (all this without
submitting)… but nothing, the option doesnt show up at all! :frowning:

El El jue, 19 oct 2017 a las 0:48, Angela Cross <> escribió:

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Hmm, that’s strange. I would think you would have the feature already. I really thought it had already rolled out to everyone. You might need to contact Patreon to see if they can work it out for you. Best of luck! You’re gonna love the feature once they get it all fixed up for you! :slight_smile:

I don’t have this option, either.

I don’t have it yet and tried to request i get it but cannot until it goes public. I’ve been doing all this by hand for years and it’s getting ooooooold. XD I’ll be really happy when this feature goes live for everyone. I -need- it. XD

I’m sorry. I honestly thought this had already been rolled out to everyone. This is going to save you a lot of time when you get it, Temrin. More time for art! <3

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One of the things I don’t like about it, which is probably one of the things they’re working on, is that if you share the post once it’s public to Facebook or wherever, it still pops up with a Patron Only image. It does this when I upload the post to Recurpost as well. That I can at least work around by inserting the image and then just linking to the post, but it’s a bit clunky and time consuming.

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That might actually not be a patreon issue. It takes a while for thumbnail images to update sometimes and social media sites may not be able to grab the new one right away. I have this issue in some places. Sometimes it’s also just me and my cache thinks the old image needs to still be there. Some places, like discord seems to update pretty quick with public post images when i make them public, but facebook and sometimes twitter doesnt. They have a wierd lag time before grabbing the new image. (Also depends on if i’m sending it through facebook or hootsuite.) Not sure it thats the issue but just a thought.

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I don’t have it yet either :confused: Hope they release it sooooon!

Hello guys, thanks for the response and feedback. It’s good to know it was not only me as I’ve been in Patreon for quite a few years now.

I’ve received an email from the support, I copy part of it:

Thanks for reaching out, and thank you for your patience.
I’m really glad to hear you’re excited about early access. We can’t wait to be able to release it to more and more creators (especially those brand new to the site), but it’s still in beta.

We gotta wait a little longer. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to inform that today I woke up and my patron had the option finally ^^.
Sorry for the double post!

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Yay! I hope you get a lot of good use out of it. :slight_smile:

I finally got it! :smiley: I am SO EXCITED AAAAAAAAH